is the central power of GOD. GOD is SPIRIT. SPIRIT is life. SPIRIT is GOD. GOD exists as SPIRIT. SPIRIT is the true essence of GOD. SPIRIT is the very source of GOD and SPIRIT is the source of everything created by GOD. The LORD of all is SPIRIT. SPIRIT creates and will create all and every good things for SPIRIT Man and SPIRIT beings. SPIRIT is the nature of GOD. GOD came out of SPIRIT. SPIRIT is the true governor of the universe. The control switch of all is SPIRIT. SPIRIT is complete and SPIRIT is perfect. SPIRIT is Holy and only SPIRIT is GOOD. SPIRIT is power and He is Light. SPIRIT is health and SPIRIT is redeemer. SPIRIT, also called GOD is invisible and silent. SPIRIT abode is every where. SPIRIT lives in the soul within man. SPIRIT is knowledge and SPIRIT can do all things. The SPIRIT is the meaning and the SPIRIT is the purpose of all beings and SPIRIT is the express manifestation of all things.

No part of SPIRIT is small. SPIRIT is BIG, and every part of Him is BIG. The SPIRIT is common to all as our FATHER, creator and controller. SPIRIT is power. SPIRIT is the provider of every thing. All man needs to do is turn SPIRIT on within us. The sound of SPIRIT, the frequency of SPIRIT, the constant repetition of SPIRIT and the regular thoughts of SPIRIT will activate SPIRIT waves and start SPIRIT power working for us and in us. SPIRIT is the sense, SPIRIT is the brain of all and SPIRIT is the generator of every thing. SPIRIT thinking in the brain and SPIRIT repetition in the inner soul is all we need to manifest what ever we need or want in life. SPIRIT will revive and resurrect us very fast. SPIRIT causes, SPIRIT effects, SPIRIT manifests, and SPIRIT works wonders. Man is born SPIRIT, I am born SPIRIT, you are created SPIRIT; we are made SPIRIT by GOD. We are named SPIRIT after our FATHER'S name. If we do not operate with GOD as SPIRIT and one with SPIRIT as GOD, we will never function well as GOD, and properly as SPIRIT, as He wants us to divinely live supernaturally as SPIRITS.

You are all SPIRIT by creation and make. I am SPIRIT by being. We are SPIRIT by nature. We are all SPIRIT. SPIRIT is our right, SPIRIT is our glory, SPIRIT is our honor and SPIRIT is simply our divinity. Repeat and tell your self this statement every day. I am completely SPIRIT, I am perfectly SPIRIT. I am SPIRIT powerful because GOD is power and GOD is SPIRIT in me. I just believe GOD and only believe the SPIRIT. I do not lower nor reduce my dignity. My GOD excellence and SPIRIT integrity is in my FATHRER’S name. A legitimate child ought to look like his Father in image and likeness as GOD said He made them. It is a spiritual law to follow the identity of your specie of source, origin and creativity. Let us give GOD the glory, credit and honor our life deserves and stop living a fake and vain life void of SPIRIT. I am full of GOD, You are filled with SPIRIT and we are CHRIST essence and SPIRIT existing. Human senses separate, divides and divorces the soul from the SPIRIT and the love of GOD, in doubt, fear of SPIRIT meaning, SPIRIT purpose and GOD definition of his total being. I am one with my creator, I am one with SPIRIT, and I am SPIRIT. I am one with GOD, I am GOD. I am one with CHRIST, I am CHRIST. I am one with JESUS and I am JESUS by domain, being, authority and power.

Why are you ashamed of GOD and afraid of your oneness with the SPIRIT- your FATHER? Why are you fearful and doubting the love of GOD, your creator? Why are you scared of the only name, source and controller of your good. SPIRIT and GOD is your complete and perfect state. Do not loose your value, worth and identity my friend. If every thing about your being came out of GOD, why don’t you understand what the Bible is saying about whom you are and that the source of all that you are is all GOD and SPIRIT. The son is one who emerged and came forth out of the SPIRIT of GOD. You must be born GOD and SPIRIT again to be anew. YOU ARE SPIRIT forever!

No other name is given unto us under the heavens except His Holy names that we may be healed and perfectly restored indeed. I am SPIRIT and my activities are GOD. This is the foundation, truth and only eternal resurrection of our life. This is real and true soul revival. Let SPIRIT and GOD live your life for you because you have no life of your own than SPIRIT. He-SPIRIT- lives our life for us, for our transfiguration to SPIRIT life.

SPIRIT is the life of GOD. The life of GOD is SPIRIT. SPIRIT is the power of GOD. The power of GOD is SPIRIT. SPIRIT made what GOD is all about within Himself. What GOD is made of and all about is SPIRIT. SPIRIT is the transforming power of GOD. The transforming power of GOD is SPIRIT. The SPIRIT is the creative power of GOD. The creative power of GOD is SPIRIT. The SPIRIT made GOD supernatural. GOD is made supernatural by the SPIRIT. The SPIRIT is the mark and the sign of the righteousness of GOD. The righteousness of GOD is SPIRIT. The SPIRIT leads and controls GOD. GOD is led solely and controlled by the SPIRIT. The SPIRIT is the finest, purest, scientific, all knowing and most powerful part of GOD. The SPIRIT supplies everything for GOD and all men too. The holiness of GOD is the SPIRIT. The SPIRIT is supreme, resurrecting and perfect part of GOD. The SPIRIT is THE ALMIGHTY LIFE.

GOD is full of SPIRIT. The true GOD is SPIRIT. The best part of GOD is SPIRIT. The SPIRIT is SPIRIT within. The SPIRIT is SPIRIT without.The composition of GOD is SPIRIT. Every part of GOD is SPIRIT. The greatest gift from GOD to man is His SPIRIT called the HOLY SPIRIT. The SPIRIT is the number one life and gift GOD wants you to live, have and seek from Him. There is no other gift like the SPIRIT of GOD. You must be filled with the SPIRIT to be so good. The SPIRIT is our comforter and provider. The SPIRIT restores perfectly. We must receive the SPIRIT of GOD to be complete, perfect and supernatural as GOD is too. It is revealed at last, that GOD is using THE SPIRIT to live an excellent, supernatural, outstanding, abundant, Holy and wonderful life in HIS only SPIRIT Kingdom. What are you waiting for? Imitate GOD eternally and live more abundant SPIRIT power surging in you and demonstrate more creative SPIRIT manifestations in you like Him. GOD Himself depends on SPIRIT only to live and do all of His works.

The CHRIST of GOD is SPIRIT. The SPIRIT made CHRIST what He is. CHRIST is another word for a complete being and perfect soul. The CHRIST is the SPIRIT of GOD descended upon the soul of JESUS and upon the soul of Man. The SPIRIT living in the soul of man turns into the CHRIST nature of our being. JESUS was SPIRIT of GOD living among men as the anointed one of GOD. The SPIRIT made JESUS as the perfect model and savior of all humans who received Him, as JESUS himself received the SPIRIT of GOD. The SPIRIT is the true life of all that is made by GOD. We are all SPIRIT born with the love of SPIRIT and every letter of SPIRIT, to know our oneness with the SPIRIT of GOD qualities and HIS SPIRIT perfection as His image and likeness. GOD decorated our life with the best part of Himself-the SPIRIT. You cannot change what is unchangeable perfection in us. SPIRIT is all our perfection from GOD. This is the reason GOD Himself told us to take, live and ask for His Holy SPIRIT always that we may look very good like HIM and be perfect as Him. Claiming SPIRIT as self is grace, cheap and free without money, condition or limitations. SPIRIT is our direct connection with GOD. SPIRIT is our direct transfiguration to SPIRIT. Call, repeat and connect now!

Let the SPIRIT transfigure, counsel and supply all of your needs. Repeat SPIRIT for your demands and recite SPIRIT for your supplies. The amount of SPIRIT you want has no beginning and the abundant SPIRIT supply you get has no end. The SPIRIT is full in you and over flowing and running down upon you. Take SPIRIT now and today with your constant affirmation and receive SPIRIT with your daily repetition. This is the greatest and hidden spiritual secret of establishing oneness with GOD. Only the chosen ones are SPIRIT rich because they receive HIM by all and every means into their life one on one.

Call SPIRIT, listen to the SPIRIT and understand the SPIRIT one on one now. Call JESUS CHRIST or the HOLY SPIRIT one on one today repeatedly and experience the freedom, healing, mystery and the truth that you have come to meet, know or miss in you. SPIRIT is the non-material, invisible SPIRIT form and SPIRIT substance that GOD compounded and used to make, to create, and to invent me, you and us as living SPIRIT beings. Our composition is SPIRIT from the SPIRIT being. Our form, establishment, formation, combination, components, content, elements, nature and parts are from the invisible SPIRIT total essence, SPIRIT being, SPIRIT life, SPIRIT existence, SPIRIT mind, like and as the great HIM- the only SPIRIT. GOD supernaturally used HIS inner SPIRIT to make us, reproduce us as HIM in total SPIRIT dominion, total SPIRIT authority, total SPIRIT life, total SPIRIT control and same total SPIRIT power as HIM so as to do and undo as we want our life to be like the SPIRIT of GOD life or not to be like HIM.

This is the only way to go, to be good, happy and have miracles of GOD working in you without any effort, worries or wasted money anymore in your life. There is a wide difference between knowing GOD personally, meeting JESUS CHRIST one on one and living the power of the Holy SPIRIT in your body personally and not in wood buildings or brick walls made of mud by human hands as exploitative temples of worship for commercial and financial profits. We are SPIRITS by name and GODS by nature made here as one with GOD the Father of our soul. We should and must live as little SPIRITS and little GODS, small CHRISTS and small JESUS here made by GOD in the same name, nature and life of GOD here on earth so that we can operate, work and function well as GOD wants us to function well as sons and daughters of GOD our one and only heavenly Father and creator. The only price we all have to pay is what this book is all about- connection with the surging power of THE SPIRIT.