This book is dedicated to all GOD seekers and everyone who take CHRIST 
as their strength. It is also written for the fast- pace- moving and sophisticated present day generations of children and busy city-life- minded adults alike for equal spiritual empowerment. This is the result of my many years of regular prayers, inner spiritual meditation skill experience, investigative BIBLE reading and my constant recitation of His Holy Names. Apart from your daily traditional/regular prayers, I will urge and encourage you to read, understand, practice and follow each of the steps and guide lines in this booklet to actually experience the hidden secrets of your SPIRIT presence, CHRIST power, JESUS meaning and your GOD personality of purpose within you with ease. GOD will surprise you! Your soul will remain transfigured, your attitude and behavior will soon transform and your body will be healed. Happiness and peace of mind will rest and abide with you. GOD and His wonders will dominate your soul and be your divine portion in JESUS name, amen.     

This wonderful approach to GOD self state and CHRIST identity looks very simple, practical and easy but it produces faster spiritual results without dogmas or rituals. The quick reward is healing, sure salvation, abundant blessings and spiritual empowerment within a short time of your daily practice, all the days of your life. GOD owns your body, brain and mind! Your soul, being, life and thoughts belong to CHRIST! Give all of them back to SPIRIT! Return everything back to GOD! Surrender all to JESUS! GOD is the origin and owner of all. SPIRIT / GOD in us, is the super power within us and over us all. Everything is HIS own creation, Kingdom, His universe, and His human body that He created single handedly in His own name, form, being, life, love, power and SPIRIT we all live in now. SPIRIT authority in our soul and GOD dominion in our body, is our true, MYSTICAL, and total Dedication to GOD in essence. All these Holy Names are our true mystical life to live and have.  

This little guide-note booklet on smart SPIRIT connection and quick soul transfiguration to GOD will let you demonstrate your divine skills, know your spiritual potentials and approach the inner CHRIST qualities of your own soul. The SPIRIT is built in us and the SPIRIT is wide open to our being to assist us always. GOD is waiting to demonstrate His presence, perfection, power and good in us. Let us begin the spiritual break-through journey together now to reach and enter into GOD’S kingdom with repetition techniques to add to what we already traditionally know about loud, screaming prayers to approach GOD openly and outwardly instead of praying from within in GOD’S inner and silent nature. We must learn both ways of loud, yelling prayers, silent connection and quiet meditation with the inner, invisible SPIRIT of GOD within. We are part of GOD, made of GOD as GOD in GOD, to know who we are totally in GOD and made one with His all SPIRIT content. We must learn to win, survive, and prevail triumphantly in our spiritual and mystical worship as a true SPIRIT from the SPIRIT world of GOD beyond. We will start now to penetrate into the SPIRIT secrets of our being, sink so deep into GOD wonders of your soul and climb so high into CHRIST mysteries of our spiritual human body within all of us . SO LET US GO NOW. 

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                             EMMANUEL K, OLUBUNMI FAKEYE.