The SPIRIT is the center, origin, and existence of all life and minds. Around this SPIRIT zone, all living and non-living souls revolve in endless circle of GOD oneness. The SPIRIT is constantly sending out His beams of essence, realm and power, without which no life and everything in the universe would be possible. In spiritual and theological science, SPIRIT symbolizes everything we are trying to become. SPIRIT is the center around which all our activities in life will always revolve. The SPIRIT is the real symbol of our basic life and practical nature. The SPIRIT or GOD is the constant family name line that runs through all creations and everything that man is and does in the universe.

To the wise men of all ages all over history, the SPIRIT of GOD seems to be another kingdom beyond and WITHIN the physical appearance. The SPIRIT fills the heavens, and the whole universe, permeates the space and controls the heavenly bodies. The SPIRIT is the only presence and power closest to man and can be associated to be our STAR. SPIRIT is like a giant, invisible person of the whole universe. The SPIRIT is located as near as within us as our breath. The telescope of the SPIRIT is the SOUL in man. The soul sees, penetrates deepest, communicates and understands THE SPIRIT better than the carnal self or the naked human eye because the soul is the breath, image and replica of GOD Himself. At the center of the soul, majestically seats and lives the SPIRIT, the power of the soul and the life of the body. The SPIRIT is the silent, life force, power, engine, and supreme controller behind all minds, souls, and man’s body. SPIRIT causes all good to happen.

Every knowledge, wisdom and understanding revolves around this singular SPIRIT entity. Although other minor forces may be prominent in the lives of some individuals, still the SPIRIT energy is the main principle-nucleus of being as man’s essence. This one SPIRIT symbolizes the complete potential of every human being alive. The SPIRIT is the vitality, life, substance, character, chemistry and complete perfection of the state of our SPIRIT being. The SPIRIT marks the fundamental character development and behavior civilization of all individuals. The SPIRIT is the brain and the nerve of the life in man.

SPIRIT is the symbol of strength, vigor, dignity, wisdom, life, adoration, generosity and the ability of a person to function as a mature and whole person. The SPIRIT is the greatest gift of life itself. GOD gave man His SPIRIT life, SPIRIT name, SPIRIT mind and SPIRIT being free to us to live.

The under developed spirit in the human nature is arrogant, pushy, crude, misleading, undependable, rude, foolish, misunderstanding and using negative methods in order to achieve his goals or her desires with no direction. Man is the image and likeness of GOD in every truth. GOD expresses from the center of his being to the circumference of his humanity. There is only SPIRIT, every other thing else is false and negative, and that is the truth, and the only truth and nothing but the truth. Man must translate and transfigure to SPIRIT, our source and beginning, so that his life will function supernaturally from within properly.

Persistent SPIRIT thinking, intense SPIRIT affirmation and continuous feeding of the soul with the SPIRIT substance and repetition of CHRIST essence within are the secret of all realization, wishes, and manifestations. Man can and must rise in GOD. The CHRIST of GOD in us will rise. Arise! the sons of GOD;  you can rise, for GOD has given you the power to BE practical, divine, and spiritually whole and mystical, holy and supernaturally ONE with the SPIRIT. Arise my soul to SPIRIT, arise my brain to GOD, arise my mind to CHRIST, and arise my being to JESUS. This is your spiritual command, potential, power, status, glory, honor, inner mystical being and eternal dignity.

The soul in the human body is a replica of SPIRIT. The soul has the inner potential and free power to rise and fall. Use your inner freedom of thought power to order and command your inner soul to wake up and rise and your soul will obey you immediately. Arise my soul and wake up to the LORD of your being, the almighty GOD of your body. This should be the order given to your soul daily. This is the greatest love, creativity, command and gift, that GOD gave HIS whole power, His whole SPIRIT Name and His whole SPIRIT Life to Man that we may live SPIRIT united, share SPIRIT glory, and enjoy SPIRIT together as one undivided single family of GOD being. We have one and same SPIRIT source with GOD, with one SPIRIT creation, one SPIRIT meaning, one SPIRIT purpose, one SPIRIT faith, one SPIRIT fine art, one mystical SPIRIT craft, one SPIRIT being and one SPIRIT destiny with JEHOVAH. These SPIRIT choices, SPIRIT thoughts and SPIRIT thinking abilities are very simple, inner personal power, orders and easy commands for the mind of man, to grasp, use, and understand if we choose to follow the SPIRIT Truth of our real SPIRIT and inner most SPIRIT Being-The SPIRIT.

A Holy name is a SPIRIT being and a SPIRIT being is a living Holy Mind and a form of Holy life or SPIRIT life. A name is a Ghost as seen or as an unseen invisible and silent personality to be identified with and can be lived now and at anytime we want or choose to live. SPIRIT life is to be lived practically now by human beings either consciously or unconsciously. GOD is a Name, GOD is a living Being and GOD is a living Name to be lived. SPIRIT is as ever practical and SPIRIT is a real, fine and excellent Being within. A holy Name in us is that being that must be lived in us and as us as a matter of fact and must. SPIRIT is a living Being and a living Name to be lived just as GOD is living THE SPIRIT life within Himself too. SPIRIT plus Being, Holy Name and soul are closely connected to resemblance, identity, life, individuality and power that lives in us and goes together as one personality. The SPIRIT must be glued, pasted, impressed and imprinted upon the Soul for oneness to the one body of GOD and big Holy family of GOD with GOD. GOD is ever practical, GOD is practice-able and GOD can be lived by the soul. CHRIST is also practical, CHRIST is practice-able and CHRIST can be lived by our brain. SPIRIT is practical, SPIRIT is practice-able and SPIRIT can be lived by our being. JESUS is practical, JESUS is also practice-able and JESUS can be lived also by the mind and body of man if we want to put SPIRIT nature on and live SPIRIT in us and as us.

With GOD, it is all possible to live these Holy Life/Lives, Holy Names, divine and CHRIST attitude, pure, righteous GOD behavior and powerful JESUS status in us. They are supernaturally inborn and given to us by the ONE author and ONE brain of Life Himself to us and for us to live as THEM, so that we may EXPRESS a wise, a HOLY and a successful JEHOVAH BEHAVIORS in us as them also. It is a matter of choice, decision, determination and mental will for us to accept SPIRIT life in us or not to accept the SPIRIT life of GOD within us that WE ALL ARE.


HOLY SPIRIT is all we are. A true, new, ageless, civilized, modern, and Holy approach to SPIRIT, CHRISTIAN, GODLY, and SPIRITUAL life mysticism.

Our Father who art in Heaven
The SPIRIT of GOD, who IS, lives everywhere, present in my soul and being always.
Hallowed be Thy name
I must praise, honor, worship, serve and glorify only the SPIRIT of GOD inside me.
Thy kingdom come
The SPIRIT of GOD Is and must always be in me and will come upon me constantly and consistently
Thy will be done on earth
The SPIRIT of GOD-will is and must be fully established and be done within my very person always.
As it is in heaven
As the SPIRIT of GOD rules and dominates my soul in SPIRIT as in heaven within me
Give us this day
GOD, give me your SPIRIT life this day and every day of my / our life time.
Our daily bread
SPIRIT of GOD, become my daily soul food in thought, word, attitude and behavior.
And forgive us our sins
FATHER GOD forgives, repairs all my deficiencies, inadequacies, sets me free all the time, and blots out all my sins in SPIRIT.
As we forgive those who offend us
As I must forgive, set free those imperfect, who offend me, in the SPIRIT of GOD Almighty sake
And lead us not into temptation
GOD leads and directs me, not into any temptation, danger, problems, stress, worries, concerns, etc, (any or all negative errors and dark signs) of the devil
But deliver us from evil
But the SPIRIT of GOD delivers, sets me free from all evil completely and triumphantly too
For Thine is the kingdom
For the SPIRIT of GOD is perfectly the life and kingdom of my being, body and soul
The power and the glory
The SPIRIT of GOD is my power and the LORD JEHOVAH is my glory
For ever and ever
SPIRIT ever and GOD forever I am, in your SPIRIT kingdom, O LORD, my GOD.
And so is SPIRIT established in us all by GOD’S love, will and plan.

Explain, discuss and emphasize,  
JESUS CHRIST taught this prayer so that the lost, needy and the sinner can only be found in the supernatural and saving power of the SPIRIT of GOD life revealed by the righteousness and resurrected life of JESUS CHRIST. I abide in GOD. GOD lives in ME-JESUS. THE Father and I are one. We can do nothing of our own except worship GOD in SPIRIT and in truth. Only in SPIRIT, in GOD, in CHRIST and in JESUS can we find our life, or fulfill our dreams, perfection, salvation and all personal righteousness. GOD belongs to all. You must find yourself out in SPIRIT and be born GOD again to see redemption. This is where our life is hidden-in THE LORD. DIG OUT THE GOD IN YOU TODAY, IN ORDER TO RESCUE YOUR SOUL NOW, NOT TOMORROW.

The attribute, content, quality, element, form, essence, components, substance, and composition of my SPIRIT being, GOD soul, JESUS life and CHRIST body in me.

I am born SPIRIT by SPIRIT, I came out of SPIRIT. I am SPIRIT because GOD is SPIRIT in me. SPIRIT descended from heaven I am. I am born GOD by GOD to be GOD completely. I am a GOD-being revealed from heaven. I am made of SPIRIT components. I am the appearance of SPIRIT in human flesh form. I am born a visible CHRIST-man creation here- (on earth). I am SPIRIT abundant, SPIRIT powerful, SPIRIT supernatural, SPIRIT possible, SPIRIT unstop-able by anything, SPIRIT-triumphant and SPIRIT-miraculous. I have SPIRIT flesh, SPIRIT soul, SPIRIT life, SPIRIT being and SPIRIT mind. I am an individual SPIRIT living inside the universal Almighty SPIRIT. I am as free as GOD Is. Praise GOD, I worship GOD in SPIRIT. I am made SPIRIT wonderful in GOD and ONE as SPIRIT as GOD is SPIRIT. I must not divide or fall like Adam again. I am as SPIRIT as GOD is SPIRIT. SPIRIT is the electrical current that runs all creations, all human beings, all heavenly bodies, the whole universe, the angels and GOD Himself too. GOD IS SPIRIT. There is only ONE SPIRIT that generates all. SPIRIT is in charge of both heaven and earth. SPIRIT is the only one life to live and you better start now if SPIRIT eternity with GOD is very important to you, me and us all.

HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING TO YOUR SOULS. WE ALL HAVE ONLY ONE SPIRIT OF GOD LIFE TO LIVE AND AFTER DEATH IT IS the World of SPIRIT LIFE again that you, we and I will find ourselves. GOD can create anything and has created everything. The SPIRIT Himself is capable at will to transform into anything and all things without any hindrance. The SPIRIT permeates everything and can enter any solid entities no matter how hard it is, how much more the human body and soul, His own supreme creation to control and manage. GOD has given all of His SPIRIT power, nature, being and name to us, to call, use and command at our own very available will everyday. Invoke, call, invite and recite SPIRIT silently again and again within your very soul everyday and you are charged, transformed and reborn. Amplify GOD in you, increase the sound of SPIRIT in your soul and expand the volume of SPIRIT in your mind daily!