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Prayer to kill pain and aches in my body. GOD has no pain and never in pain.


Whosoever is in pain, aching or is hurting in any manner, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually, be of good cheers for your Holy Names are with you always. You should call these names without ceasing 7000 times each. In the scheme and miracle working plan of GOD, the powerful waves in these wonderful names will dilute with your body, mind and soul to remove and dissolve the aches and pains you may have troubling you and you will suffer no more. Every part of your body will be renewed and restored properly. Wherever GOD IS, LET THERE BE PEACE! You will be happy and joyous, without pain, trouble or hurting in your body after this prayer. The LORD has mingled with your life my friend. Glorify and praise the LORD JEHOVAH the real and copy of your being. Repeat and affirm these names 7000 times every time you have pain. This is your pledge of truth to healing. GOD will live your life for you if and when you learn to worship and show your love of calling and repeating His Names regularly. Put yourself in the SPIRIT mode constantly for instant miracle healing works.

Recite these spiritual statements 100 times daily.
The SPIRIT is the healer. SPIRIT, kill my pains now. GOD, heal me now. The LORD is the healer of my body. JEHOVAH is healing me now. JESUS, take away my pains now. CHRIST is the owner of my body. CHRIST has crossed out all my pains completely. Praise GOD, I am healed. I praise GOD. I am healed in JESUS CHRIST name, Amen.

Readings, Counseling, Messages and Meditation
2Sam. 9: 7- Eat bread, (recite the SPIRIT) at my table (soul) (in JESUS name) continually.
Mark 9: 1-10- JESUS is SPIRIT and transfiguration to SPIRIT story (please read event).
Psalm 91: 7-Thousands fall beside thee, but not near thee. GOD is a conqueror.
Isaiah 49:1-16; 17-26- I have engraved you. I will bless, keep and fight for you.
2Cor.1: 22- He has put His brand (SPIRIT) upon us. This is our victory.
Phil. 3: 12-14- But I press on to the call of GOD. Keep calling GOD also as a duty.
Mark. 4: 2-34; 35-41- JESUS taught them in parables (about GOD concerning SPIRIT).
2Tim.3: 5- Having a form of GODLINESS, but denying GOD’S power within the soul.
Gen.1:11-12- Grass, herbs, fruits, trees, fishes, animals and humans bear after their kinds. We must reproduce after SPIRIT and GOD likeness.
Matt.13:16-17- Blessed are your eyes and ears for they see and hear hidden GOD secrets
John 11:25-27- I am GOD resurrected by the SPIRIT life, he who believes shall live.
Mark16:1-20- The SPIRIT of resurrected, JESUS appeared to people in the power of the SPIRIT of GOD always and SPIRIT is in all mankind forever. We are all ONE in GOD and one in SPIRIT.

SPIRIT is my access code to GOD. SPIRIT is my secret control key to the universe. SPIRIT is the hidden word to my wishes. The SPIRIT commands everything to me fast. SPIRIT is the life we are all looking for. SPIRIT is the miracle of your life. SPIRIT is the life I want to live. SPIRIT is the wonder of my life. SPIRIT is the only life GOD wants me to seek for and live forever. Praise GOD, I find the SPIRIT secret and SPIRIT hidden life of my being. I am saved by GOD, delivered by CHRIST and redeemed by JESUS.


Attitude, Mood, Emotions and Behavior prayer Affirmations.

SPIRIT OF GOD, transform my attitude,
LORD JEHOVAH, transform my mood,
HOLY SPIRIT, transform my emotions,
JESUS CHRIST, transform my behavior, amen. Repeat your fine newness 100 times.

1. Recite and repeat these prayerful statements 28 times daily. Changes will happen.
CHRIST repetition forces CHRIST into my soul. Repetition of GOD forces GOD into my brain. JESUS repetition pushes JESUS into my mind forcefully. SPIRIT recitations engraves GOD into my body. I establish the SPIRIT of JEHOVAH into my life through a
ffirmations. I will stay CHRIST and remain with the LORD in my prayers. I am now CHRIST invaded in my meditations. I pull and draw GOD into m
y soul by force daily.

2. SPIRIT recitation empowers me. SPIRIT is my power. CHRIST affirmation is my energy. GOD repetition is my strength. I am strong in JESUS. I am JESUS strong. The LORD is my strength. The LORD is my power. My daily recitation is JESUS CHRIST.

3. With JESUS recitation, I anoint myself. JEHOVAH GOD repetition is my anointment. As I recite HOLY SPIRIT, I am anointing my soul. I am anointed of the LORD. JESUS CHRIST is my very anointment. Praise GOD, I am JESUS anointed with the SPIRIT.

4. CHRIST is my mercy. GOD is mercifu
l to me. JESUS is my mercy. The LORD is merciful to me. JEHOVAH is my mercy. The Holy SPIRIT is (be) merciful unto me.

5. I am CHRIST patient. The SPIRIT of GOD in my soul is patient. I am JESUS patient. The LORD is my patience. JEHOVAH has given me patience. GOD is patience and patient in me.    

6. SPIRIT rehearsal is my revival. GOD is reviving me now. I am CHRIST revived. The LORD is my revival. JESUS revives me daily. The LORD is my revival. I am revived by JEHOVAH today. The Holy SPIRIT is reviving me powerfully. Holy repetition revives.

7. JESUS is my new temper. GOD is my temper. I am tempered by the LORD. CHRIST is the controller of my temper. My emotions are tempered by the Holy SPIRIT. The SPIRIT of JEHOVAH tempers me. My good attitude stems from GOD within me in the name of JESUS CHRIST.  

8. The LORD is meek, GOD is my meekness. I am meek in CHRIST. I am meek in JESUS. JEHOVAH is my meekness. The Holy SPIRIT is making me meek. I am JESUS meek. I look for GOD and I found my meekness inside the SPIRIT of GOD always.

9. GOD is the gentle SPIRIT in me. The LORD is my gentle nature. JEHOVAH’S SPIRIT is gentle in my mind. JESUS CHRIST is the gentleman of my soul. The SPIRIT fills me with gentility. Praise GOD, I am gentle in JESUS CHRIST.

10. The LORD humbles my soul. JEHOVAH is my humility. CHRIST is humbling my soul and body now. The SPIRIT humbles me. JESUS is my humility. The Holy SPIRIT in me is meek. GOD is my humility. GOD is my humbled self. Thank you JESUS, I am CHRIST perfect. The LORD humbles my mind daily. I am humble in the LORD 

11. I rest my body in the LORD everyday. I am resting my soul in the hand of JESUS CHRIST. The calm peace of my mind comes from JEHOVAH. The Holy SPIRIT transforms me to His peace. The SPIRIT of GOD is my permanent peace.

12. My soul is CHRIST mannered. GOD is my holy manners. JESUS is my good manners. The LORD is LORD of all true manners. The Holy SPIRIT purifies all my manners. JEHOVAH is my manners. My manners are ordered by GOD from my soul. In JESUS name I pray for good manners all the time. I am a good person in the LORD.
13. JESUS is my cool self. GOD is my cool being. JEHOVAH is my cool mind. CHRIST is cool inside me. The LORD cools my brain. I am a cool soul in the Holy SPIRIT name.

14. The LORD is my reason. GOD is my reasoning. My reasoning comes from the LORD. CHRIST is my spiritual reasons. My brain is full of GOD. I reason in JESUS.

15. GOD is my mood. The SPIRIT is my real mood. The LORD is my true mood daily. CHRIST is my mood now. I am in JESUS mood today. JEHOVAH is directing my own moods. I am in the Holy SPIRIT mood now. JESUS is my good mood today and always.

16. The LORD lives in my brain. GOD is my intelligence. The Holy SPIRIT fills my head. I am SPIRIT smart. I am GOD wise. JEHOVAH is my intelligence. In the name of JESUS CHRIST, I am clever. In JESUS name, I remember. In CHRIST I think always.

17. The LORD is my grace. GOD is my grace. JEHOVAH in my soul is grace. Holy SPIRIT is my grace; I am full of Ho
ly SPIRIT. JESUS CHRIST is abiding with me today. Wherever I go JESUS is. The LORD is my grace. GOD is my sufficiency, Amen.

18. I fellowship with 
the SPIRIT through SPIRIT repetitions. The Holy SPIRIT is my language. GOD is my language. I speak JESUS CHRIST as m
y language. The LORD is my language
. I speak in JEHOVAH’S tongue. I listen to GOD. I understand SPIRIT words of GOD. I am strong and powerful in the LORD. Praise GOD I know the truth. I fellowship with GOD through my daily repetition of His Holy Names, at all the times.

19. I am JESUS young. I am GOD young. I am young in CHRIST. The LORD is my age. The SPIRIT of GOD-years is upon me. I am SPIRIT eternal. I praise JEHOVAH. Thank you JESUS CHRIST. The LORD GOD is my life. I live in JEHOVAH. I survive on CHRIST. I am SPIRIT-Risen. I am a new identical of GOD. I am a SPIRIT replica. I am CHRIST real. I am a copy of JESUS life, Amen. I will not lie against my self anymore because I know the truth about me now.

20. The SPIRIT is the center of my being. GOD is the center of my soul. CHRIST is the center of my body. JESUS is my thoughts. The center of my life is the HOLY SPIRIT.
JEHOVAH is at the center of my being. I am the center of SPIRIT activities within me.

21. My body is as new as the age of the Holy SPIRIT inside my soul. The SPIRIT of GOD within me is ageless. JESUS CHRIST is the beginning and the end of my life. I will live long as long as the LORD is living eternally with me. I was with GOD in the ages of SPIRIT eternity within me. I am SPIRIT eternally. The SPIRIT of GOD lives eternally in us. The SPIRIT is the eternal SPIRIT of all life, all minds, of my soul and of all beings.

Interact with The SPIRIT always so that The SPIRIT can interact with you constantly. Sow The SPIRIT seed in your mind so as to reap the SPIRIT healing effect in your body. You have a lot to gain from your devotion and dedication to SPIRIT repetition and calling the name of GOD to enter and come into your Being.




My soul is SPIRIT,
My name is SPIRIT,
My body is SPIRIT,
I am a SPIRIT being,
My nature is SPIRIT. GOD is SPIRIT, the son is SPIRIT. SPIRIT is the power of GOD in the Son. I am a SPIRIT-man, I a
m one with The SPIRIT, I am living The SPIRIT life.
GOD THE SPIRIT is my Father and creator. SPIRIT lives in me. The son is SPIRIT.
SPIRIT is my love, SPIRIT loves me, SPIRIT is my creation, SPIRIT is my destiny and
SPIRIT repetition is my connection with the SPIRIT. This is my most powerful prayer.

Read this truth statement 3 or 7 times.

I am GOD,
My soul is GOD,
My name is GOD,
I am a GOD being,
My body is GOD,
My nature is GOD,
I am a GOD-man, because I am one w
ith GOD,
GOD is the truth of my being. GOD is the link to my life. The Father is the universal GOD, the son is baby branch of GOD. I exist as GOD like GOD. GOD is the universal Father that lives in me. We are all GODS. GO
D is the total
ity of all there is in me/us. This is the most
classical contemporary or spiritual truth I can know about my quality, state of mind and precise manifestation of my self and others. GOD children models with GOD.
Recite this truth 3 or 7 times

My name is CHRIST,
I am a CHRIST of GOD,
I am a CHRIST being,,
My nature is CHRIST,
I am one with CHRIST; I am a CHRIST-man.
CHRIST is my life, CHRIST lives in my soul.
CHRIST is my light, I am in CHRIST all the time.
CHRIST is the image of GOD’S 
salvation in me. 
It is the greatest understanding of us.
Tell yourself this truth 3 or 7 times daily.

I am JESUS; I am a JESUS-man,
My name is JESUS in SPIRIT,
I am a JESUS being inside me,
My nature is JESUS, I am one with JESUS,
JESUS is my personal savior,
JESUS lives in me as me, I worship JESUS in my soul daily,
I am the son of GOD; My JESUS-soul is the most righteous life.
Rehearse this pure truth to yourself 3 or 7 times daily.

I am celebrating my faith in GOD. It is a complete beautification of my body and mind, and a perfect interior decoration of my soul and total renovation of my inner most being.


When you let and allow THE HOLY SPIRIT to enter you, you can say I am SPIRIT, this is your heavenly identity. I am GOD is your divine ticket to passover to the inner GOD being within. I am CHRIST is your innermost registration with the Holy Names of GOD. I am JESUS is your supernatural, crossing-over membership with and to THE SPIRIT being of GOD. This supernatural, mystical and spiritual statements binds, unites, links, connects, joins and ties you in with GOD automatically without any debate or doubts. You are one and in the same in image, dominion, power, authority and likeness with them all. This makes it an intense pressure on the heavenly powers that exists to be one with you as a premeditated and inner conspiracy between SOUL and the SPIRIT to be ONE being in expression.
You are in heaven with GOD and in the kingdom of CHRIST here on earth. You have entered the Life of SPIRIT and hold the key of your being. GOD is SPIRIT in you. Satan is fallen at last in you. You are inside the mind of JESUS, in the whole heart and miracle and sacred heart of GOD. You are connected with SPIRIT and GOD instantly. You already receive, accept, take in and dilute 
with the Holy SPIRIT within and retain it. You are wearing the spiritual suit, armor, garment, body, soul and authority of GOD. The CHRIST nature is upon you and you are more than a warrior and more than a conqueror. GOD nature in us becomes our membership with the ONE GOD. This request is the transfiguration GOD is asking
of mankind to become, that we all may be undivided one with GOD, and one common Holy family name with GOD, for total and whole healing of His people who carry and bear His Name with Him. He loves us unto everlasting life. We must share GOD’S life, shape and nature to be saved. SPIRIT is the life of my body, every part of me is SPIRIT and GOD. I have gone back 
to GOD with all my soul and returned to my FA
THER in one whole. I have confessed my SPIRIT and GOD self. GOD is well pleased in me going by His Holiest Name, beloved same life style and same nature with HIM. The good son is worth sharing His direct Father’s good life, nature, name and being in order to command respect, honor, dignity and perfection. Your body is the home built by GOD. GOD wants to live in His home-Son permanently.

The truth of GOD is unconditional pur
e LOVE. GOD will not kill you for claiming HIM, His Life, His Holiness and His Name with yourself in order to be saved. You are actually practical, in tune with divine WILL of GOD and open to all rights, honors, privileges and benefits of GOD. Identify yourself with GOD and His holy names, put on the same GOD property and GOD elements with GOD. I am GOD is the nu
mber one, only one form of identification you have with GOD and He is pleased with His beloved sons devotion and dedication to HIM. This is your oneness with HIM because we are inadequate, short-coming and sinful without Him. We need a good SPIRIT and a special SPIRIT flesh to be recognized and saved into His heart. This is direct oneness for GOD to listen to your prayers. I am SPIRIT is the first way to communicate with heaven as a medium of total acceptance to the kingdom of heaven, for quick recognition of your paternal and supernatural sons-hip. I am GOD is your first membership card of GOD family line recognition. I am SPIRIT is the first law and will of GOD to heaven. It gives you power, ticket, recognition, and authority, as the true life of GOD. Let GOD transfigure you t
o Himself.

I am GOD is the fastest road to the mystical salvation and to the everlasting treasures of GOD. You better stand up for GOD and not lame crawling with the devil. You should hold your right sign, ticket and condition of one eternity with GOD now. It shows your true resemblance of GOD. It proves your prince/ kingship of a royalty family status. The only joy of the LORD in you is you looking like His image and likeness of GOD Sons and Daughters. You will function better, freer; doing what is right and happier too. You will share the same nature, cause, effect and being of GOD. GOD is your GOD life in your GOD self. You are translated 
to SPIRIT and GOD transfigured to Him in a mystical way. Emerge as a CHRIST of GOD, and change to JESUS, your practical and real prayer in action. We all live, move and have our being in GOD. Only GOD lives, only GOD people lives, and GOD is GOD in GOD’S world of GOD beings. SPIRIT and GOD are the essence you must become. SPIRIT and GOD lives this life for all beings in both heaven beyond and on earth here.

Be GOD conscious and SPIRIT faithful. Be SPIRIT aware and believe in GOD. Let SPIRIT waves perform His functions in you and safe yourself of unwanted and a lot of unnecessary financial expenses. If y
ou do not show and demonstrate your trust absolutely in GOD, ot
her people will surely take your hard earned money away from you s
oon and very soon too I tell you.



1. Always remember GOD, remind yourself about GOD and recall GOD back to your mind again and again daily. GOD will help you to remember Himself if you ask GOD.

2. Make your self think GOD, reflect your soul on GOD, and meditate about GOD deep down inside your soul everyday. Put the thought of GOD in your brain and mind. Your mind is saying, “I am thinking about GOD now”. It is a great and quality time with GOD.

3. Recite the name of SPIRIT, repeat the name of GOD, affirm CHRIST and rehearse JESUS name several times (within you or aloud) daily. This is your most powerful tool. Repetition will make the Holy names vibrate in your life and soul like electrical current.

4. Practically live SPIRIT life, act GOD life faithfully, behave CHRIST truthfully, practice JESUS presence sincerely, feel JEHOVAH within your soul intimately and be the attitude of the LORD in your being lovingly. Attach and commit your soul to the life of GOD inside your life. GOD lives instead of you. You are no more but GOD is living as you. This is giving GOD the honor, power, praise, authority, will and glory in your life. The owner, author and provider takes all and takes over your soul and body too.

5. Pray to GOD and pray to JESUS CHRIST daily without ceasing for your immediate transformation needs first and later secondary wants in your life will be added unto you without you even asking for them. Connection with GOD with your mind, connection with SPIRIT in your soul automatically connects you with all and everything that GOD is

6. Tell yourself daily:
I am SPIRIT. You are SPIRIT individualized by SPIRIT.
I am GOD. You are GOD personalized by GOD Himself .
I am CHRIST. You are CHRIST localized and customized within you.
I am JESUS and the devil will hate you and run away from you because you are too spiritual to the bone and too CHRIST powerful inside your soul for satan to handle. You are sitting with GOD on His throne. You are a good man to GOD.

7. Fast from food, diet, eat right, and exercise your body for GOD’S sake and for yourself too, every time, to feel good about yourself. Take good care of your ONE and only body. Don’t treat your body like a junk yard for all and any trash food. Don’t kill yourself. Train your brain, body, mind and soul to live good and sleep long enough to function well daily.

8. Read your BIBLE intensively, seriously and investigatively like you are studying to become a biblical, theology student in GOD, looking for spiritual knowledge and for mystical understanding of who you are in GOD in order to be a righteous person for GOD’S sake, CHRIST soundness and JESUS completed person with moral dignity within you.

RESULT: Truly your life will be spiritually transfigured to GOD, filled with HOLY SPIRIT, abundantly blessed with miracles of JESUS CHRIST and ONE with holiness. I am SPIRIT special. You are SPIRIT unique. We are SPIRIT wonderful. All are GOD mystical and our nature is JESUS miraculous. CHRIST in us is our hope of glory. Let us move to our promised land from BODY to SPIRIT and from god to GOD, from soul to CHRIST beings, from carnal self to JESUS new birth in the power of Holy SPIRIT. This should and must be our consciousness now and the state of our being ETERNALLY. Yes, now is the time to change to GOD and be SPIRIT in us. Do not delay! CHANGE is now!     


SPIRIT Culture Mobilization of Man or Mankind is time now.

SPIRIT thinking culture of the Mind and brain will introduce man to SPIRIT life and SPIRIT wholeness, and the culture of SPIRIT repetition of the soul makes him become a civilized, better and fine person. SPIRIT knowledge, SPIRIT belief, SPIRIT attitude, SPIRIT behavior, SPIRIT mind, SPIRIT language, SPIRIT life, SPIRIT ideas, SPIRIT custom, SPIRIT habits, SPIRIT wisdom, SPIRIT values, SPIRIT qualities, SPIRIT education and SPIRIT counseling acquired by man as SPIRIT culture will and can be transmitted to generations and members of the society to live by as a SPIRIT culture and SPIRIT life style of SPIRIT beings, living in a SPIRIT world, guided by SPIRIT life style, SPIRIT expressions and SPIRIT rules of laws.

SPIRIT thinking simply transfigures man to SPIRIT life-the highest form or level of human spiritual advancement. SPIRIT repetition will quickly explain to man that he is in the state of SPIRIT always. SPIRIT orientation means SPIRIT enlightenment, and a higher SPIRIT progression to SPIRIT being and SPIRIT development to SPIRIT greatness within. SPIRIT thinking and SPIRIT repetition results in SPIRIT reinforced life and SPIRIT instilled life perfection. The man decays when he does not progress with the SPIRIT or transfigure to SPIRIT life. The SPIRIT quickly crushes agitation, crime and destroys anger in man’s life and SPIRIT substitute hatred elimination with a calm, peaceful mind and pure SPIRIT nature from the same SPIRIT kingdom within.

SPIRIT is free, SPIRIT is healthy, SPIRIT is honest and SPIRIT is happy. All these SPIRIT culture and SPIRIT composition in man are neatly fitted in the SPIRIT being component and SPIRIT life of man intricately by GOD. Man must discover SPIRIT survival, SPIRIT wholeness and SPIRIT civilization to be happy completely. Mankind essentially has one SPIRIT origin, one SPIRIT determination, one SPIRIT struggle and one SPIRIT life to live. One SPIRIT growth, SPIRIT development and one SPIRIT survival is the only SPIRIT fittest life worth living by man. We can be SPIRIT priests, SPIRIT kings, SPIRIT scholars and SPIRIT workers. SPIRIT integration, SPIRIT individuation and SPIRIT life style is all we need to preserve THE SPIRIT soundness in us, in our soul, in our mind and in our being as our most innate SPIRIT quality of spiritual oneness and SPIRIT culture with our GOD.

We need new SPIRIT teachers with determination and vigor now to transform the mankind to SPIRIT life. SPIRIT consciousness is the only means of SPIRIT general revolution. Mental combination with the SPIRIT to SPIRIT minds, to SPIRIT bodies, SPIRIT souls, SPIRIT beings, SPIRIT education, SPIRIT living and SPIRIT teachings, will heal man and transfigure mankind into one good SPIRIT community entity. GOD is SPIRIT. Man is SPIRIT. The whole human family is SPIRIT. The SPIRIT, and the SPIRIT-mankind or the SPIRIT-man will be one whole in SPIRIT freedom, SPIRIT health, SPIRIT honesty and SPIRIT happiness in the world of SPIRIT beings and SPIRIT culture. SPIRIT will quickly change and bless us all fast. The SPIRIT is the ticket to good SPIRIT life, good SPIRIT culture, good SPIRIT mankind, SPIRIT kindness, good SPIRIT mind, good SPIRIT caring souls, SPIRIT healthy beings and SPIRIT peaceful community of nations.

SPIRIT teachers, SPIRIT ministers, SPIRIT workers, SPIRIT masters, SPIRIT laborers and SPIRIT people, please come forth to mobilize a new SPIRIT culture for a new SPIRIT society. This is THE SPIRIT calling, OPERATION RESCUE THE SOUL. Take back THE MAN and repair the MINDS of the PEOPLE to SPIRIT LIFE- back to SPIRIT CIVILIZATION of MANKIND for quick, urgent CHANGE to PERMANENT WORLD PEACE. SPIRIT culture is the ONLY ONE SOLUTION TO OUR MISERIES. GOD is calling YOU now to mobilize HIS SPIRIT into your mind and soul urgently and TEACH HIS SPIRIT CULTURE NOW AND TODAY. GOD has given us His SPIRIT, His Life, His brain, His Name, His SPIRIT mind, His SPIRIT actions and His SPIRIT power completely to live, control and manage our life and pass through this world easily with dignity, maturity and spiritually in a skillful professional manner too.




SPIRIT OF GOD created Himself in my being,
LORD JEHOVAH created Himself in my soul,
HOLY SPIRIT created Himself in my mind,
JESUS CHRIST created Himself in my body, I am a replica of GOD now and always.

These names above are my wonderful combinations. I am made from these pure, supernatural and spiritual materials for my eternal perfection. They are ever present in me so that I may not be alone any time. SPIRIT is my inner spiritual make-up. GOD is my content, CHRIST is my ingredient and JESUS is my composition. They are ever present in me, as me for me to look good like THEM. I am complete in THEM. They are the catalog of my existence. I must put THEM on always and at any time I want to prove my life quality.

These are your supernatural, spiritual and pure names. You don’t know because your leader, teacher or minister does not know this truth himself. Only the best and the wise can teach and produce the best and wise followers. Seek for your true self in these NAMES that you may be free. Find and discover your self in these pure, super, natural and spiritual life you practically are and see the glory of GOD boom out in you.

We are our SPIRIT and GOD foundations. We are the SPIRIT bones of GOD and the SPIRIT flesh of GOD. SPIRIT and GOD names, CHRIST and JESUS life ensures the truth of the controller in your life. The Father is SPIRIT, the son is SPIRIT. The Father is GOD; the son is GOD according to his source, origin and family name identification. The Father is and the son is one with GOD and as GOD to the closest relationship. I am GOD to my soul, I am SPIRIT to my body, I am CHRIST to my being, and I am JESUS to the mind. Know ye not that in SPIRIT and in GOD made HE them as Himself universally? Our soul is one with the universe of GOD and SPIRIT.

This is the supernatural plan, setting and arrangement of the author and originator of goodness for His subjects. Be one with divine creativity and share His blessings. I am pure SPIRIT; I am supernaturally GOD and spiritually CHRIST in my presence, oneness, connection and close relationship with these ageless and secret Names. If we don’t see this good and loving plan of GOD in us, we loose one time and big time too. Don’t be deceived again! Manifest your SPIRIT originality and we must express our true copy of GOD. Remind and tell yourself these very worthy statements all the days of your life.

When you say I am SPIRIT, you activate your spiritual life. I am GOD resurrects your GOD’S power inside you. I am CHRIST wakes up the CHRIST nature in you. I am JESUS ignites the JESUS life in you working for you. We are no more sleeping but risen beings. You are no more dead but alive in the LORD. No more spiritual fight since the war with Satan is quickly ended and concluded triumphantly for you by the Almighty GOD. Let SPIRIT work for you and let GOD keep working for you, give them the chance of your freedom and of your spiritual completion. SPIRIT made me SPIRIT and GOD made you GOD. I am SPIRIT. I am GOD. I am CHRIST; I am JESUS free at last and free forever. HALLELUJAH! Claim your right, honor, benefits, privileges and good now.



THE SPIRIT Transfiguration Reminders For Us All.

Take one paragraph at a time, discuss and explain only in one sermon to your soul.
The SPIRIT will abide with me forever. The SPIRIT of GOD is upon me. GOD puts His SPIRIT inside me. I am a man in who is the SPIRIT. The Holy SPIRIT, come upon me.  GOD, send your SPIRIT upon me. Holy SPIRIT, come forth to me (Command). SPIRIT is divine in me. SPIRIT rests in my soul. GOD goes with me in SPIRIT. GOD gave His SPIRIT to me for instructions. GOD is the SPIRIT life in me. My SPIRIT thoughts will transfigure me to SPIRIT man. The SPIRIT saves me. The SPIRIT crushes my enemies. I am SPIRIT protected. The SPIRIT runs, operates and generates my body and soul daily.

Second Sermon
I meditate in SPIRIT daily. My brain thinks SPIRIT daily. SPIRIT is my repetition of GOD. My repetition of SPIRIT sends The SPIRIT to me quickly. SPIRIT recitation is my way to worship GOD. The SPIRIT of GOD makes me happy. I can not escape from the SPIRIT of GOD. I am strong in the SPIRIT of GOD. The SPIRIT knows me than I know myself. The good SPIRIT of GOD leads me on. The LORD is the BIG and GREAT SPIRIT within and behind me. Beware of little spirit and small Spirit that dries up the bones and makes the body sick. It is the SPIRIT of GOD that endures in me. SPIRIT survival is the fittest SPIRIT of all. The knowledge of me is in the SPIRIT. No man can stop the SPIRIT in me. SPIRIT is all power.

Third Sermon
GOD is SPIRIT. The Holy SPIRIT comes from GOD. There is only one SPIRIT, GOD Is. The SPIRIT defines me as Himself. I am found in The SPIRIT. The SPIRIT is discovered in me. The SPIRIT is poured into my soul and body. GOD has put His SPIRIT upon me. The SPIRIT occupied me as home and I contained only GOD. I am full of GOD in me. I am full of SPIRIT always. I am completely GOD from top to bottom. My life is truly all GOD. The SPIRIT of GOD is all over me. The SPIRIT is a terrible GOD to waste. Wherever the SPIRIT will lead me I will go. The SPIRIT of GOD is my engine and machine. The SPIRIT will lift me up forever. I, in whom the SPIRIT of GOD is. Not my will but the SPIRIT will directs me. The SPIRIT is with me, I will not fear. JESUS was born, lived and was led by the SPIRIT of GOD always. JESUS teaching was SPIRIT filled. JESUS died and was resurrected by the SPIRIT. JESUS was and is SPIRIT manifest and ascended in SPIRIT to heaven as He descended in SPIRIT on earth. The SPIRIT and GOD made JESUS CHRIST a wonderful MAN and SON from heaven. We all are SPIRIT beings from GOD as JESUS is. I am from heaven, you are from heaven, we are all from heaven as SPIRIT, GOD and JESUS is from heaven our home.

Forth Sermon
Blessed are the rich in SPIRIT, they will see GOD. The SPIRIT of GOD will speak to me. The SPIRIT will assist me to my goals. The SPIRIT of GOD is always willing to help me. The flesh and the SPIRIT are in opposition. The flesh is weak, the SPIRIT is strength...I will yield to the SPIRIT always. The SPIRIT will always help me in times of trouble. My joy is full in SPIRIT. Eternal SPIRIT saves. JESUS was always led by the SPIRIT. GOD did not give me His SPIRIT by measure; He gave me all the SPIRIT within Himself. I speak SPIRIT words according to His presence and life within me. The SPIRIT speaks and revealed Himself as SPIRIT in me. GOD’S SPIRIT dwells in me as GOD in me. The SPIRIT species are SPIRIT endangered beings when the SPIRIT is absent in their souls. Blessed are the poor in SPIRIT, they will see GOD

Fifth Sermon
I was baptized SPIRIT from the foundation of everything by GOD to remain in SPIRIT. He who sows to SPIRIT will reap SPIRIT abundantly. I will be filled with the SPIRIT. Whosoever worship GOD must worship in SPIRIT being and in SPIRIT repetition regularly. Do not quench the SPIRIT in you. SPIRIT offered Himself to me as help and assistance forever. I feed on SPIRIT and SPIRIT all the time. Soul and body apart from SPIRIT is (are) dead. I yearn jealously after the SPIRIT all the time. SPIRIT moves me around. The SPIRIT inbuilt in me is my redemption. The SPIRIT is the water and blood in me. I must hear what the SPIRIT says to me. The SPIRIT is my faith. The SPIRIT is my wonder. We are all responsible to the SPIRIT, the LORD and our Master. I have all the SPIRIT that GOD is in me. I in who is the SPIRIT of GOD am. The SPIRIT is the fire of GOD in me. I am filled with all of GOD inside my soul. The SPIRIT falls upon me by my SPIRIT will, my SPIRIT choice and my SPIRIT decision. The SPIRIT is the breath of GOD in me. The SPIRIT is the breath of GOD in my soul. Those led by the SPIRIT are Sons of GOD. The SPIRIT of GOD knows His own by the SPIRIT because they are one in SPIRIT. The SPIRIT stirs me up when I recite SPIRIT name many times now and daily. The SPIRIT will carry me through to my destinations and goals. It is a disaster if I leave SPIRIT and if SPIRIT forsakes me-what a careless life? The SPIRIT rests peacefully and permanently in us. The SPIRIT directs me. The SPIRIT is patient in me. We are SPIRIT endangered beings when void of SPIRIT.

Sixth Sermon
I will not tempt the SPIRIT of GOD at all. Where the SPIRIT is, there is freedom. SPIRIT means holy life or circumcised life. The center, law and existence of life is SPIRIT. The SPIRIT is the dictionary and interpreter of my life and all truths. See and address yourself and all as fellow SPIRIT, the name that under lies all and everything. SPIRIT, the great MAN behind us all. The SPIRIT is the one life, form and Almighty MAN at the back of us all. All gifts, miracles, good, wonders and cultures emerge from the name SPIRIT. There is SPIRIT body and SPIRIT soul in us all. The SPIRIT is rich in mercy. We are the glory of the GREAT SPIRIT. SPIRIT is the full grown soul in its fully restored state. The SPIRIT satisfies the soul. I must be an imitator of the SPIRIT. SPIRIT is the joy of GOD in me and us all.

Seventh Sermon
The body is the home of the SPIRIT. The soul that has no SPIRIT shall die. I must love SPIRIT with all my soul. Only the SPIRIT can purify the soul. The SPIRIT flows abundantly from the kingdom of GOD. Without the SPIRIT, the soul will be a slave to materialism, worldliness, and full of darkness. SPIRIT is my victory. SPIRIT is my light. SPIRIT prospers. SPIRIT heals. SPIRIT is peace. SPIRIT will fight for me. The SPIRIT is our everlasting life. The SPIRIT raised me up eternally. Will I rob the SPIRIT of His place in my life? SPIRIT created me and SPIRIT is my eternal dwelling place. SPIRIT is my strength. I will and must go back to SPIRIT. SPIRIT is HOME. I am SPIRIT, always SPIRIT and SPIRIT forever in the kingdom of Almighty GOD-THE SPIRIT. I was created SPIRIT in the beginning of GOD. SPIRIT is the essence, substance and existence of my being.

Emphasize these points in every sermon.
Repeat, recite or affirm each and every sentence above 3, 7, or 12 times upon your soul as your prayer or in your meditation times for surging power of GOD to fill you up in times of spiritual needs or in times of personal difficulties. You will regain your strength and overcome your troubles. GOD is SPIRIT. GOD functions in spiritual ways. GOD made man in His SPIRIT image and GOD likeness. GOD ordained man to live a SPIRIT life of GOD like Him Self and to function as SPIRIT like Himself too. GOD and the SPIRIT man should and will operate in the same SPIRIT ways and as CHRIST truths in us. This is the spiritual order and the SPIRIT network system of GOD with all of His creation as our connection with HIM, for smooth running of mankind and the universe in which GOD must take all the glory and command as head. The Holy Bible and all Holy Books there is testifies to this truth from Genesis to Revelations. SPIRIT connection, SPIRIT oneness, SPIRIT manifestations and SPIRIT behaviors is our life with GOD and HIS SPIRIT. Recite SPIRIT, Invoke SPIRIT, Repeat SPIRIT, Affirm SPIRIT and Call SPIRIT silently 2000 times and more everyday for surging spiritual powers to explode within your soul and being all the days of your life time. We have to try and practice it to experience and know the wonderful secret, power and manifestations behind this meditation technique. It is the hidden teachings of all saints across history and of eternal ages past and will endure forever among the sages who will save their own soul and mankind. Go now or come and see with your own soul my fellow brothers and sisters what great blessings you might have been missing. IT IS WONDERFUL AND MIRACULOUS! TRY IT FROM NOW ON, TODAY AND FOREVER! You will see GOD and GOD will manifest Himself to us.   




I am SPIRIT in my soul,
I am GOD in my soul,
I am CHRIST in my soul,
I am JESUS in my soul, Amen. Repeat 7 times.

I am SPIRIT Holy in my body,
I am GOD Holy in my body,
I am CHRIST Holy in my body,
I am JESUS Holy in my body, Amen. Recite 7 times.

I am SPIRIT Righteous within me,
I am GOD Righteous within me,
I am CHRIST Righteous within me,
I am JESUS Righteous within me, Amen. Affirm 7 times.

I am the Sanctuary of SPIRIT. The SPIRIT is my sanctuary,
I am the Palace of GOD. GOD is my palace.
I am the House of JEHOVAH. JEHOVAH is my house.
I am the Temple of the LORD. The LORD is my temple.
I am the Mansion of CHRIST. CHRIST is my mansion.
I am the Home of JESUS. JESUS is my home truthfully. , Amen. Repeat 7 times.

I am SPIRIT Powerful in my mind,
I am GOD Powerful in my mind,
I am CHRIST Powerful in my mind,
I am JESUS Powerful in my mind, Amen. Recite 7 times.

I am SPIRIT good in my entire being,
I am GOD Good in my entire being,
I am CHRIST good in my entire being,
I am JESUS Good in my entire being, Amen. Affirm 7 times

I am SPIRIT Clean in my brain,
I am GOD Clean in my brain,
I am CHRIST Clean in my brain,
I am JESUS Clean in my brain and thinking, Amen. Repeat prayer 7 times.
Thank you LORD, I am spiritually resurrected again, SO HELP ME GOD.

Daily and always think, call and recite these names to your Self .This is the closest, nearest and transfiguring change to GOD you can be and get in your spiritual journey. I am SPIRIT, I am GOD, I am CHRIST and I am JESUS are our Spiritual Names. All men and women are their maker’s name, life and nature. SPIRIT and GOD names are the only spiritual nature and resurrection identity you have with GOD. CHRIST is the only dress and attire of our nakedness. JEHOVAH is the only spiritual house of our being. SPIRIT life is the only life there is for us to live by, anything else is fake living. You are whoever created you in truth, life, copy and in deed. This is simple to understand, not hard to be. SPIRIT is our spirituality, GOD is our psychology, the CHRIST is our mentality and JESUS is our physiology. Our thinking, living, speaking, attitude, mood and behavior will take treatment, healing and restoration from this understanding. GOD’S divine system in us is comprehensive. Complete is HIS spiritual net work in our body and soul. SPIRIT is our religion and faith. GOD is my denomination and belief.

Present, Repeat, Give and Recite these Holy Names below to your self daily, for 60 minutes.  
for 20 minutes each. This is your greatest tool to spiritual growth and empowerment.

You will start to get the attention of GOD because you are spiritually saturated.GOD will begin to take you very seriously because you are spiritually condensed.GOD begins to listen, respond and communicate with you in many ways.HE will answer all of your questions, requests and solve your problems.
You will remain ever blessed by GOD because SPIRIT has become your code of conduct.
PRAYER is asking for GOD’S presence and power to come and enter into your soul.MEDITATION is ONENESS of brain, mind and soul with SPIRIT together in thought.AFFIRMATION is repetition of SPIRIT, GOD, CHRIST and JESUS names as truth of me.  GOD is your name, GOD is your state and status, GOD is your meaning and GOD is your purpose. GOD is your quality and GOD is the whole frame work of your being.

SPIRIT performance is universal, SPIRIT is your configuration, SPIRIT is your creation, SPIRIT signal and SPIRIT strength is omnipresent, SPIRIT operating time is instant, always and remain constant, SPIRIT current, power and use is now, free and eternal, SPIRIT coverage is good in All and for all , SPIRIT is true, faithful and right and SPIRIT is for all good purposes of communications between Him and us. I am SPIRIT inside my soul. I am SPIRIT in my body. I am in SPIRIT dimension always. I am HIM all through.                    

SPIRIT life and GOD personality I am. SPIRIT is our high speed energy and GOD is our express power. SPIRIT is our transfiguration key and GOD is super-natural to you. Call, repeat and receive SPIRIT power now. SPIRIT started the soul and SPIRIT created the body. Hold the same SPIRIT responsible for taking care of the soul and support of the body that HE Fathered and created by the SPIRIT Himself. Let SPIRIT and GOD finish and complete the job they started single handedly within themselves. Let GOD mind His own business in you. This is simply internal spiritual management of you. Help the SPIRIT to administer SPIRIT to your body and send the SPIRIT message to your soul through our everyday repetition of the SPIRIT Holy Names. SPIRIT will bless you, SPIRIT will keep you and SPIRIT will make Himself shine in and upon YOU forever.



My soul, body, my brain, my thoughts, my mind, my mood, my manners, my temper, my feelings, my attitude and my total being are all anxiously waiting and rushing to become one with the SPIRIT and eager to complete the process and the race of  becoming one with GOD, and transfigure to CHRIST nature in JESUS likeness. This goal and objective must be pursued and finished in and before the end of this one life time that you and I are living now. My friends, it is a task that must be done in order to be a good child of GOD that is fully enlightened. All these inner aspects, mental regions of your life, branches of my being are spiritual members of GOD. They must strive hard to reach, complete and win the race that GOD has set before us with all precision and speed too to BE SPIRIT.


I am the SPIRIT of GOD in my body in truth. I am the SPIRIT of GOD in my brain.
I am the SPIRIT of GOD in thoughts. I am the SPIRIT of GOD in my mind. I am the SPIRIT of GOD in my manners. I am the SPIRIT of GOD in my soul. I am the SPIRIT of GOD in my feelings. I am the SPIRIT of GOD being. I am the SPIRIT of GOD in my temper. I am the SPIRIT of GOD life. I am the SPIRIT of GOD in mood indeed. I am SPIRIT and GOD in action. I have SPIRIT emotions. GOD is my attitude. I am the SPIRIT of GOD behavior. It is the spiritual idea, quality, class, passion and mind of GOD for me.
Thank you the Supreme Father GOD, the controller of my behavior and all, for giving your whole SELF, whole name, whole life and your whole power to me. Reveal me as Your SPIRIT and glory that I may continue to know that I am ONE in GOD with honors.

Decode your SPIRIT and GOD equation. SPIRIT and GOD are the key and code to self. Spell it out, the name of my soul is SPIRIT, the name of my being is GOD, the name of my body is CHRIST and the name of my mind is JESUS. Discover who you are in reality and the powers that reside in you for your own perfect and good and wonders. You will know the truth and the SPIRIT of GOD within you will make miracles thunder in you like you have never known or seen before now. Live the tools, equipments and the words that constitutes your make-up. SUPER, is the name of your total and entire NATURE and Being. Use code SPIRIT, code GOD, code CHRIST, code JESUS or code Holy SPIRIT to perform all forms of miracles, wonders and changes you need to manifest in your life. It is your day and time of SPIRIT fest in your being, GOD fest in your soul, CHRIST fest in your mind, JESUS fest in your brain and Holy SPIRIT festival in your body. What a wonderful spiritual carnival of GOD and mystical ceremony of the LORD is taking place within you? You are living in the kingdom of JEHOVAH before you see death. Know it,
I am spelled *S*P*I*R*I*T*, *G*O*D*, *C*H*R*I*S*T*, *J*E*S*U*S*. Use these keys to open your soul, to unlock your life and reveal your hidden body and inner mind mysteries today.

Daily counsel yourself as you go about your business daily in this spiritual conscience. Speak GOD to your soul. The grace of GOD will be present, rest, and abide with you. Discuss CHRIST with your being. CHRIST will fellowship with you as your one power. Repeat JESUS in your mind. JESUS will walk and relate with you in SPIRIT daily. Storm your body with SPIRIT recitation. The SPIRIT will invade, bless and keep you. Call and mention JEHOVAH over and over to your own life. JEHOVAH will love you. Affirm, LORD GOD, in your brain. The LORD GOD will rest and shine upon you now. Tell your self, Thank you JESUS CHRIST several times daily. HE will resurrect in you! And all is well with your healed soul ever more. The word is, ONLY TRANSFORM!





In the beginning was SPIRIT.
And the SPIRIT was with GOD,
And the SPIRIT was GOD,.
The SPIRIT was with GOD in the eternal beginning of endless of ages of all times.
All things were made through the SPIRIT.
Without the SPIRIT was not anything made that was made by GOD.
In SPIRIT was life.
The SPIRIT was the LIGHT and The SPIRIT is the LIGHT of men.
And the SPIRIT shines in darkness.
And darkness cannot overcome SPIRIT.
The SPIRIT enlightens every man that came or was coming to the world.
The world knew or received SPIRIT not.
But all who received or believed the SPIRIT.
SPIRIT gave power to become children (sons and daughters, creations) of GOD.
SPIRIT SONS, SPIRIT DAUGHTERS, - who were not born of matter, blood and flesh or the will of man but by the SPIRIT and of the SPIRIT will.
Because the SPIRIT became flesh and lived among us as SPIRIT-man or SPIRIT beings. (SPIRIT still is SPIRIT, and SPIRIT unchanged never. SPIRIT remains SPIRIT anywhere ever).
Man, full of SPIRIT, CHRIST grace and truth as the glory of GOD constant and ever is.
From SPIRIT we all received the fullness of GOD, SPIRIT-life and SPIRIT-grace.
No one has seen GOD, only the SPIRIT-son/s and SPIRIT Souls and CHRIST beings who is and are in the bosom of The SPIRIT, will reveal GOD. SPIRIT is the secret and hidden WORD OF GOD in us all.

Advice on Regeneration of your SPIRIT being and Liberation of your soul is in THE SPIRIT

In the event of any vacuum, any miseries, h
ardship or any problem in your life, define, interpret and see the meaning of self in SPIRIT and as SPIRIT because GOD Himself is SPIRIT in existence, SPIRIT in purpose of all creativity, SPIRIT in essence and SPIRIT in composition, so that all solutions will be found in SPIRIT and glorified in SPIRIT.

Always use and run SPIRIT, GOD, CHRIST and JESUS repetition inside your soul, mind or brain just like you run, and warm the engine of the car of your being, to keep your life with GOD, healthy and permanently long for GOD Himself. You have to work and bombard and heavily feed all these Holy Names into your mind, soul, body and being as celebration, so well like rush supply, to make them full of power, feel good, happy and resting in the SPIRIT OF GOD always. Learn the art of prayer is asking GOD to fill your life and to be in your life, The technique of affirmation is recitation of CHRIST as the truth of your soul and body, The science of meditation is a repetitive contemplation of SPIRIT, GOD, CHRIST and JESUS thoughts inside your soul or brain until they take over fully your whole body and being, and you begin to have a merry SPIRIT life and a happy GOD health. What a great change of life style. You are SPIRIT in GOD, SPIRIT in TRUTH and SPIRIT practically. This is indisputable spiritual TRANSFIGURATION and the eternal oneness plan of GOD for YOU. Stop wasting away your real essence my dear brothers and sisters. We are GOD stock, of the same SPIRIT kind and GOD specie.

y LORD JEHOVAH, My JESUS CHRIST, My HOLY SPIRIT, come back to me. Repeat the whole statement 100 times daily for wholeness and completion please. You will find yourself back.