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Prayer for HOLY SPIRIT awareness and HOLY SPIRIT presence in my life.

SPIRIT OF GOD is present in my soul,
LORD JEHOVAH is present in my being,
HOLY SPIRIT is present in my life,
JESUS CHRIST is present in my body,
I am not alone, Be present in me O GOD.

The SPIRIT should be said over and over again until it is fully stored and programmed mentally into your brain and psychologically registered into your soul. GOD is SPIRIT. . Recite the SPIRIT 1000 times daily. You will put on your super nature. The SPIRIT will resurrect your soul and entire being into greater wholeness, of perfect body, healthy mind, glorious and positive results, in all your activities. You will be given strength to control your self. Your closest  interaction with HIM will be turned into a Holy SPIRIT life of beauty and vitality. The SPIRIT OF GOD will possess your whole personality and lead you always into His wonder, glory, light and skillfulness in all that you do. HELLO!

Recite and invoke each of these prayer statements 100 times daily.
GOD is SPIRIT, I am SPIRIT. I have SPIRIT body. My soul has SPIRIT properties. I live the life of GOD within me. The SPIRIT of the LORD is upon me. I function as SPIRIT. My activities are SPIRIT. I and the Father are one. I think SPIRIT. I speak SPIRIT. I live SPIRIT and I act SPIRIT every day. Repeat Holy SPIRIT 100 times.

Readings, Counseling, Messages and Meditations.
Matt.5: 1-8- Blessed are they who thirst and hunger after righteousness, they shall be filled.
Jn.14: 1-4- Wherever I am, there you will be also (in SPIRIT, GOD and CHRIST).
Deut.30: 2-3- You shall return unto the LORD thy GOD.
Rom.13: 1-2- Soul must be subjected unto higher (GOD/CHRIST) powers above.
Matt.16: 24-28- Deny self, loose your life, become CHRIST, GOD, or SPIRIT alike
Matt.10: 24-33 It is proper for the disciple or servant to duplicate GOD- confess me.
Ezek.18: 4-9- Behold, all souls are mine and shall live by the LORD.
Isah.55: 1-3- Let the soul that thirsteth come to GOD for mercy.
Deut.11: 13-14- If you will love your GOD with all your heart, you will prosper.
1Sam.16: 7- For the LORD looketh on the heart, but man the outward appearance.
Psam.78: 35-39- GOD is redeemer, compassionate and forgiver.
Prov.23: 6-7- For as he (man, GOD) thinks in his heart so is He- GOD life or god life.

Repeat these truths to yourself 7 times daily in your meditation.
I get all my spiritual energy from the supernatural SPIRIT.
I receive all my spiritual power from Almighty GOD.
I get all my spiritual strength from CHRIST.
My spiritual ability comes from JESUS.
I live my life for GOD. I am moved by GOD. I have my soul in GOD.
Another word for my life is GOD. In other word, my life and name is GOD.
The LORD is my power. JEHOVAH is the source of my existence.
I am the appearance of GOD. GOD manifest in me as SPIRIT.  
I am surely GOD and abundantly SPIRIT here, from inside the kingdom of GOD.

Prayer for spiritual Resurrection of my body and soul to THE SPIRIT life.

JESUS CHRIST, Set my life in order. (Awake, arise and be active in me O GOD).

Any one who wants perfect control in his or her life, or a change in attitude and behavior,  should mentally place these holy names above upon him or her self and continue saying to him or her self silently and repeatedly in his soul, “I resurrect anew as the CHRIST of GOD” for 15 minutes every day. He or she will receive strength to control himself. He will become the real spiritual self. The old man of self is gone and dead. The new life of GOD or the CHRIST self is here now. These are your unknown, lost and forgotten names before you were born here on earth. You have discovered your lost pearl (spiritual names) today. Say and repeat them to your self 700 times for 30 days. You will rise and resurrect to your super nature in higher degrees. Verily, verily I say unto you, you will never taste of sudden death in this present life time or torment in the next world to come. Amen, Amen.

Rehearse and repeat these prayer affirmations 100 times within your mind.
I am SPIRIT. I am GOD. I am CHRIST. I am JESUS. I am one with the LORD. I am one with JEHOVAH in my soul. This is my true LORD initiation into the divinity and family of GOD in CHRIST JESUS. The SPIRIT is revealed in my body. JESUS is risen in my soul. I am risen as SPIRIT, as CHRIST, as GOD and as JESUS being forever. I am a Holy GOD-creation here. I am a full member of CHRIST component and GOD composition.

Readings, Counseling, Sermons and Meditations.
Isah.57: 14-18- I will heal, lead, restore, revive and comfort mourners.
Ezek.11: 19-21- I will give them a new SPIRIT that they may walk in my statutes.
Ezek.36: 24-30- A new SPIRIT will I put within you to be my people.
Matt.6: 16-21- Thy Father who see in secret shall reward thee openly- within-without
Luk.2: 49-52- I must be about my Father’s (GOD) business (think SPIRIT and repeat HIM).
Rom.10: 6-11- Believe GOD within and repeat SPIRIT with your mouth.
2Cor.3: 3-6- Document, code, record and publish the SPIRIT of GOD in your soul.
Eph.3: 14-19- The Father of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, of whom we are all named.
James.4: 6-8- Submit yourself to GOD and the devil will fly and run away from you.
2Thess.3: 4-15- Withdraw your self from every one that walketh disorderly- from GOD.
Heb.4: 12-16- Let us hold fast to our profession- JESUS CHRIST.
1Pet.3: 14-16 – But sanctify the LORD GOD in your heart that ye may be righteous.

SPIRIT – the only life, name and power that matters more than anything to my soul.
Rome 8:11, Rev.21:1-8, 1Cor.15: 1-21, 22-51, John 11: 17-25-27, 2Tim.1:7-10,
The HOLY SPIRIT transfigures my mind and I am a new person-- Repeat for 5 minutes.
JESUS CHRIST, arise in me now,-- recite for 5 minutes.
JESUS CHRIST, come forth into my being forever--affirm within for 5 minutes.


Prayer for Spiritual Oneness / Communion with GOD inside.

HOLY SPIRIT, My mind is stayed on THEE, amen.

Whosoever remembers and feeds his soul by repeating these Holy names 1000 times each, and all the days of his life will soon become one of US, so says the LORD. He will have the key to unlock the heavens. She will cause the entire creation to obey her. YOU will decide a matter here on earth and it will be established for you. He will let go of all works of darkness and let GOD take authority. Everything will work for good for him or her. You will not die but live because you have faith in THEM that reach the heavens within. You are dinning with GOD and you will be well fed in your recitations. So says The LORD.

Repeat each of these prayer affirmations 100 times each daily.
I am one with SPIRIT. I am one with GOD. I am one with JEHOVAH. I am one with CHRIST. I am one with the LORD. I am one with JESUS. This is SPIRIT universe. Every life therein is SPIRIT, everything in it is SPIRIT, and all is SPIRIT. SPIRIT is all. My name is SPIRIT, your name is SPIRIT and our name is SPIRIT. Connect with the SPIRIT and transfigure your life to the supernatural SPIRIT. I am SPIRIT because GOD is SPIRIT inside me. SPIRIT I am. I have one SPIRIT glory with my GOD and Father.

Reading, Counseling, Message and 
Matt.15: 8-11- They honored me, but their mind, heart and soul are far from GOD.
Acts.13: 22-23- I have found David, a man aft
er my own heart (SPIRIT heart).
Acts.15: 7-9- GOD knoweth the heart and giveth the Holy SPIRIT.
1Pet.1: 22-25- Being purified by the word, let your soul obey the tr
Isah.9: 6-7- Unto us a child-CHRIST- is born called wonderful, the mighty GO
D within.
Heb.3: 7-11- Harden not your heart or you shall not enter into my rest.
Acts.17: 28- For in GOD we live, move and have our being- as our offspring and offshoot.
Matt.15: 19-20- Out of the heart proceeded (GOD and evil) thoughts- to bless or to defile us.
Psam.10: 2-9- The wicked will not seek after GOD, GOD is not in all his thoughts.
Psam.94: 11- The LORD knows the thoughts of men (be it good or wicked).
Phil.2: 9-11- At the name of JESUS, every knee (heart and soul) should bow.
Jn.7: 40-41- Of a truth, this JESUS is the CHRIST of GOD, so we must become Him.

Discuss and emphasize as you meditate
Truly, truly, we are SPIRIT souls in GOD bodies. This is how GOD made us all. Accept your holiness, spiritual, mystical life and make up now. Be ye transfigured to SPIRIT in your soul and transformed to GOD in your body henceforth. JESUS CHRIST is our spiritual way shower and HE lived this very true life in GOD and of the SPIRIT for us to follow the example HE is, He taught and laid down for us to imitate daily. JESUS SPIRIT life, SPIRIT thinking, SPIRIT actions, SPIRIT attitude, SPIRIT moods, SPIRIT essence, SPIRIT emotions, SPIRIT wonders and SPIRIT teachings are practice-able, by living the true life of GOD, as model for us to follow and imitate. SPIRIT is the magic WORD in our life that does and performs the change that we are all struggling to make. Begin to apply SPIRIT immediately to your life to manifest the miracles the word SPIRIT is all about. The SPIRIT is a free gift from GOD as a sign of the mystery existing  between GOD and Man. Repeatedly call the SPIRIT to yourself 100 times every hour of the day. You are secured.

Prayer and Truth of myself as a GOD being.

MY SPIRIT AND MY GOD, come to me,
LORD JEHOVAH, come to me,
JESUS CHRIST, come to me,
HOLY SPIRIT, come to me now and control my activities. Repeat 700 times.

Repeat and say these prayerful statements 7 times to yourself every day.

My very beginning is GOD.
I am one with the SPIRIT of the universe.
GOD reflects as love and health to me daily.
There is but one GOD in my soul.
GOD is a stem, action and branch on my being.
My life is a movement of GOD.
I learn and listen to the voice of GOD within me in meditation and prayer.
My eternal GOD self has no beginning or end in me.
GOD, I am your expression of eternal presence and universal oneness.
For in thy name O LORD, I am your very GOD formation.
In all I think, speak or do LORD. Come, help and assist me daily my GOD.
I have no self but GOD being composition, - your very SPIRIT substance.
GOD in me, GOD as me, GOD through me, GOD is GOD upon me.
I am GOD, all that GOD I am, all within GOD, the Almighty GOD who IS. Amen.

Recite all these prayer and Holy names for 10 minutes. Call and invite them to enter YOU. You will see and hear them.
SPIRIT OF GOD; LORD JEHOVAH; JESUS CHRIST; HOLY SPIRIT, come in. and enter my being. Amen.

Readings, Counseling, Messages and Meditations.
1Cor.1: 26-31- He that glorify, let him glory in the LORD-Think and repeat His name.
Mk.14: 61-64 – Art thou the CHRIST? JESUS said, Yes, I AM.
Gal.4: 19- Travail, labor, until CHRIST be formed in you.
Rom.6: 3-6- We are baptized into JESUS CHRIST and His resurrection-The SPIRIT..
1Pet.1: 22-25- The word of GOD lives, abides and endures for ever.
2Cor.5: 17-20- If any man be in CHRIST, behold, all things are become new.
Phil.2: 5-6- JESUS being in the form of GOD, think it not robbery to be equal with GOD. SPIRIT is our right, GOD is your entitlement. Claim your divine names now..
Matt.11: 10-12- Behold I send my messenger (SPIRIT) before thy face to prepare thee for excellence.
Matt.10: 27-28- Only GOD can (save or destroy) both soul and body.
Matt.12: 30-32- Blasphemy against the Holy SPIRIT shall not be forgiven men.
Isah.61: 6- Ye are named the priest of the LORD, and minister of our GOD.
Jerem.29: 10-14- Ye shall seek me and find me and return to your place (body to SPIRIT).

Understand this truth in your meditation.
SPIRIT is LORD within. The Holy SPIRIT is LORD within us. I am SPIRIT within me! SPIRIT must be woven into the soul and GOD must be knitted into the body neatly. This is the divine plan of GOD and the very reasons why JESUS CHRIST came to live GOD for us so that we might live GOD as well as JESUS did, for our own salvation too. Be ye doers of GOD and practicing JESUS CHRIST in you daily and not hearers of the Holy SPIRIT alone in your ears. Begin to know the powers, salvation and redemption there is in JEHOVAH our LORD in you in order to be counted worthy of GOD and as partaker of His grace. GOD is LORD within. JESUS is LORD within. JEHOVAH is LORD within. You are a powerful one in SPIRIT.


Prayer to be like JESUS CHRIST of GOD in SPIRIT.

CHRIST JESUS, be (is) my new beginning. Repeat several times daily

Verily, verily I say unto you, any one who continues to say JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, and JESUS repeatedly from his heart from day to day, he or she will become affluent and soon, be cured of all illnesses no matter what. Recite JESUS 4000 times daily and JESUS will approach and save you. JESUS will become firmly established in your heart. JESUS will become in-born in you. JESUS will live your life for you. JESUS will never leave you alone and any more hence forth. You are saved by the power in the name of JESUS.

Say each of the following prayer statements 100 times daily.
GOD is one with my soul. JEHOVAH is my new life. JESUS lives in my brain. I have a CHRIST mind. JEHOVAH abides in my being. I am SPIRIT inside out. I am JESUS love, I am JESUS loved; I am JESUS loving in my soul. JESUS, lead me to Yourself.

Readings, Counseling, Messages and Meditation,
Jn.6: 47-58- Except ye eat the flesh and the blood of the Son, JESUS (SPIRIT) ye have no life.
Rev.7: 13-17- Soul turned SPIRIT, serving GOD day and night in JESUS name lives.
Matt.3: 11-17- JESUS will baptize you with the Holy SPIRIT.
Eccles.3: 9-15- Rejoice and do good in your life, eat, drink and enjoy your labor.
Jn.4: 22-26- The Father is SPIRIT, worship Him in SPIRIT (not spirit of the flesh).
2Cor.1: 2-6- Blessed be GOD of comfort and mercy, in all our tribulations.
Jn.14: 9-14- I am in the Father, whatsoever you ask in my name, that I will do.
Jn.17: 23-26- I will show you plainly of the Father, I and you come forth out of GOD
Jn.10: 25-30- I and the Father are one. No one can pluck you out of (GOD) my hand.
Eph.4: 4-6- There is one body, one SPIRIT, one faith, one baptism, one GOD.
Eph.2: 1-10- We are saved by GOD, - our priceless and free grace.
Exod.20: 7- Your body is GOD’S home. Take not the name and home of GOD in vain and empty.

Discuss and emphasize in your meditation. Call JESUS in your brain 100 times.
Follow JESUS CHRIST life and His GOD teachings. JESUS was here in this world in person to show you and me how we can live GOD in SPIRIT and how GOD can live in us as SPIRIT too. JESUS is still going around in SPIRIT today saying, Let SPIRIT enter your soul and let GOD enter your body that you may live a perfect and happy life like GOD and JESUS too. Eternity is as simple as JESUS said, I abide in the Father and GOD also glorifies Himself in ME because WE are ONE and I do nothing of my own because the Father in me does His works in me and HE is mightier than Me and all. Spiritual unity with GOD is not difficult to live, think, communicate or express and it is very easy to understand. Ask for the SPIRIT soul, or GOD and body interactions in your prayers. Practice the techniques of meditation, repetition and prayer to achieve the divine union. Let SPIRIT be the number one goal of your one and only entire life. Do not give up anytime at all, you will certainly win.

Prayer for GOD’S Control to prevail all over my life activities daily.

SPIRIT OF GOD, take my life,
LORD JEHOVAH, govern my being,
HOLY SPIRIT, come back to me,
JESUS CHRIST, take over my life. Govern my being hence forth O LORD..

If JEHOVAH GOD is recited and repeated every 3 hours, 100 times, the reciters’ being and soul is taken over by GOD. His entire creation will become affectionate towards GOD-the supreme. You will be given and bestowed abundant spiritual well being. One who forms the habit of JEHOVAH GOD recital will soon reach the
status of pure perfection and divine saint or sage. Angels will worship and obey him and constantly descend upon him. GOD will become your compass and you will be led to reach your sacred goals of success in everything you do or desire. The good LORD’S name be praised.

Re-affirm these prayerful recitations 100 times daily as your invocation.
The SPIRIT leads me. GOD is controlling my soul. JEHOVAH is directing my life. I am led by CHRIST. The LORD is in all I think, speak or do. JESUS, be my strong controller always

Reading, Counseling, Address and Meditation.
Exod.3: 13-15 I am that I am hath sent me unto you. The LORD GOD of your being.
1Tim.2: 7-8- I want men to pray everyday, any time, every where without doubting.
Colos.3: 2-4- For your life is hidden with CHRIST in GOD, that we may appear in to HIm glory.
Matt.6: 19-20- For where your treasure (GOD) is, there will and must your heart be.
Eph.5: 16-17-Redeem your life, understanding what the will of the LORD is.
Jn.1: 6-8- There was a man sent from GOD to bear witness of that light, we are SPIRIT the light of GOD.
Jn.11: 39-44-Father, I thank thee that thou has heard me. My soul, come forth to GOD, your supreme controller.
Matt.16: 16-20 –CHRIST and SPIRIT are the key of our soul- use it to unlock it and all that concerns you.
Matt.24: 4-8- No human person is your CHRIST, CHRIST is individualized in us. I am the CHRIST of GOD within me.
Jn.4: 25-26- JESUS said, I that speak unto thee, I am He-the CHRIST and GOD of all and everything things.
Jn.4: 42- This is indeed the CHRIST, the savior of the world and savior the souls of mankind.
1Cor.1: 24-31- The foolishness and weakness of GOD is wiser and stronger than all men.

Teach and emphasize these Dimensions of GOD in me as you meditate.
GOD is the substance of existence. SPIRIT is the component of my being. GOD is the ingredient of my creation. The SPIRIT of GOD is the Supreme LORD of my life. The LORD is Almighty life in me. GOD is all and all. GOD is my SPIRIT. I am SPIRIT powerful. GOD is in my soul. My soul is GOD. I am a GOD-man. GOD is the MAN in me. I have GOD body. My body is GOD. The soul and the body are GODS’ Home; they share Oneness with GOD for perfection. I am GOD is my true life with the Almighty GOD. I am GOD, is spiritually the life to live. I am GOD is a professional and best life to live with GOD as a believer and follower of GOD. The resurrection of the soul and body is GOD. Life everlasting is in CHRIST and with the SPIRIT and GOD. SPIRIT is my holy and complete being. SPIRIT and my very self are one. GOD and I are one. I am one and completely SPIRIT. GOD is my heavenly name. I can not be any othe
r thing but SPIRIT and GOD. SPIRIT and GOD made me SPIRIT and GOD like Himself. I am a product from inside SPIRIT and GOD. JESUS CHRIST is a product from inside SPIRIT AND GOD. We are all products from inside SPIRIT and GOD. So we are SPIRIT and GOD beings, living in GOD’S world, moving in GOD’S order and carrying out GOD’S will.


Prayer of Thanksgiving is everyday.

SPIRIT OF GOD, be born in me,
LORD JEHOVAH, be present in me,
HOLY SPIRIT, be alive in me,
JESUS CHRIST is, (be) born, present and alive in me forever.

Read each of these names above for 5 minutes. Say ‘Thank you HOLY SPIRIT’ 365 times daily in any achievement, pursuit, accomplishment or success. Physical, spiritual or mental deliverance will be granted to you soon and always. It is the power of abundance of all times. All your desires will be fulfilled. Affirm ‘Thank you JESUS CHRIST’ or ‘Thank you JEHOVAH GOD’ 2000 times and you will receive miracles and surprises for thanking and glorifying JEHOVAH GOD in your mind. The Holy SPIRIT has established and settled your prayer with the heavenly Angels even while and before asking Him. Amen and so be it. WE ARE BLESSED.

Recite each one of these prayer statements 100 times daily.
I praise GOD for my Holy Names. The Holy Names lives in me. GOD is born in me.
The SPIRIT is my gift. GOD is my thanksgiving gift. JEHOVAH is my thanksgiving gift. The LORD is my greatest gift. CHRIST is my surprise gift. JESUS is my wonderful thanksgiving gift. I AM SPIRIT BLESSED. I thank - SPIRIT, GOD, THE LORD, JEHOVAH, JESUS and CHRIST for giving themselves to me as my personal gift to have, to keep and to own eternally. I love and appreciate my Holy Names as divine gifts.

Readings, Counseling, Sermons and Meditations.
1Cor.3: 23- Ye are CHRIST’S and CHRIST is GOD’S.
Gal.3:13-14- CHRIST has redeemed us from the curse of the law in SPIRIT and JESUS faith.
Gal.3: 26-27- All baptized into (as) CHRIST are children of GOD.
Eph.3:  17-19-CHRIST is the knowledge and fullness of GOD in us.
Eph.5: 14-30- Awake, arise from your sleep and death; we are His body, flesh and bones.
Phil.1: 21-23- CHRIST will magnify my body, for me to live is CHRIST.
Rev.20: 4-6- Blessed and Holy is he that has part in the resurrection of CHRIST.
Rom.2: 16- GOD shall judge the secrets of men by JESUS CHRIST.
1Cor.10: 4-8- Our spiritual meat is GOD and our spiritual drink is SPIRIT. Repeat it.
Exod.15: 2-3-The LORD is my strength. He is my GOD. I will prepare Him my soul.
Levet.26: 12-13- And I will walk among you and will be your GOD.
Num.23: 19-20- GOD is not a man; HE will make His promises good.

Repetition increases, expands and enlarges the SPIRIT, GOD and JESUS life in our/ your soul. Set your priorities right and do what is the most important work to save your self.



Prayer to Stop Bad Thinking and error Thoughts in us.

THE HOLY SPIRIT, occupy my mind,
JEHOVAH MY GOD, be in my head,
JESUS CHRIST, be my thinking,
Occupy my brain in JESUS name. (200 times)

Multiple repetitions of the above names are effective in expelling any bad ideas from the mind and soul. GOD will grant you the purity, protection and guidance any day, any time, anywhere. The power in the Names will protect and deliver you from all evils. All barriers will be broken and torn down before your own eyes in the flicker of an eye. Say the names 200 times each, every 3 hours
daily, until accomplished for 40 days. You will be clean inside. AMAZING TRANSFORMA

Call these statements inside you repeatedly as your prayer 100 times.
JEHOVAH is my thought. I put GOD in my brain. I am thinking JESUS now. The LORD fills my soul. My thought is CHRIST. I am all SPIRIT filled. Repeat SPIRIT 100 times.
GOD is present in all I think. I think well and will think with the SPIRIT in all that I do.

Reading, Counseling, Message and Meditations.
Deut.7: 20-23- The LORD thy GOD is among you, A mighty GOD, terrible to destroy His enemy.
Ruth.1: 6, 16 -The LORD visited his people in giving them bread, thy GOD is my GOD.
2Sam.22: 31-33- As for GOD, His way is perfect, He maketh my way perfect.
1Kg.18: 21-22- If the LORD be GOD, follow Him.
2Chron.2: 5-6- For great is our GOD above all gods. The soul is the house of GOD.
Job.33: 12-18-GOD is greater than man and He speaks to him.
Psam.31: 3-5, 14-17- Let me not be ashamed O LORD, I have called upon thee.
Psam.42: 1-2-My soul thirst for the living GOD, when shall I appear before you.
Psam.48: 14- For GOD will be our guide unto death- tothe end.
Psam.68: 19-20-Blessed be the LORD who loaded us with benefits.
Psam.89: 6-8- GOD is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints.
Psam.116: 4-9- Return unto thy rest oh my soul, for the LORD is bountiful unto thee.

Repeat and say these statements to yours
elf daily in your meditation.
SPIRIT is my composition. SPIRIT is my content. SPIRIT is my substance. SPIRIT is my quality. SPIRIT is my make up. SPIRIT is the totality of my entire being. I am completely SPIRIT. I am perfectly crafted SPIRIT. I am to remain SPIRIT as SPIRIT Himself. SPIRIT is my creation. SPIRIT is the condition necessary for creation. SPIRIT recreates me. I am a SPIRIT living being. I am a SPIRIT thinking being in my brain.
I am a SPIRIT speaking SPIRIT in my mind. I am a SPIRIT acting person within me.
I am a SPIRIT behaving individual in my soul. I am a SPIRIT living attitude being alive.
I am a SPIRIT feeling being inside me. I am a SPIRIT mood being person always.
I am a SPIRIT doer son of GOD (without) in appearance. I am SPIRIT. I am GOD.
I manifest who GOD is, I show CHRIST living name. I express SPIRIT nature in truth.
I connect with GOD spiritually in every direction for total supernatural transfiguration.
Thank you JESUS, Halleluiah, for this transforming knowledge of GOD in me, Amen.

I have joined the Holy Names within me. I am a member of the Holy powers above.
I will maintain my hidden membership, my secret worship, Holy repetitions and my soul interaction with TH
EM. My sacred oneness, prayer and meditation with the LORD will never be put in the hand of any anybody to do for me anymore. My communication is with the Holy SPIRIT Power of GOD living within me is SILENT and in always SILENCE every time too.



Meditation to seek the Kingdom of Heaven.

HOLY SPIRIT is built inside me,
JEHOVAH GOD is built in my soul,
JESUS CHRIST is built inside my body, You are the inner kingdom of my life.

He or she who declares and affirms prayerfully his or her inner dependence on seeking to go to GOD first before taking any outer actions should recite these Holy Names 1200 times in his or her quiet times of meditations. You will have the Names fill every cell and fiber of your whole and entire being. You will become part of GOD and JESUS entity expressing through you. This particular task will be accomplished repeating the names. You will become a beloved sage. You are on the way to eternity as you begin right now.

Repeat and invoke each of these prayer sentences 100 times inside your mind.
SPIRIT is my inner kingdom. GOD is in the inner part of my soul. Every part of me is CHRIST activities. JEHOVAH is my inner kingdom. JESUS is my whole life. My life is filled with the LORD. I am living the life of CHRIST. I am living in the kingdom of GOD now.

Readings, Counseling, Sermons and Meditations.
Isah.8: 10- Enemies counsel and words will not stand or prevail, for GOD is with us.
Isah.12: 1-4- Praise the LORD, call upon His name, declare and mention His doings.
Isah.40: 9-10- Behold the LORD GOD will come with strong hand.
Isah.45: 21-25- In the LORD, I have righteousness and justification.
Jerem.31: 1-3- I have loved thee and will be the GOD of all families.
Micah.7: 17-19- GOD pardons all iniquities and transgressions and He is merciful.
Matt.1:23-25- A virgin (clean soul) shall bring forth a child-Emmanuel-SPIRIT within.
Jn.3: 33-36- GOD gives the SPIRIT not by measure but abundantly.
Jn.4: 21-24- The hour is come, now is, GOD worshiped in SPIRIT, in the soul.
Jn.20: 28-31- Blessed are they that have not seen JESUS, GOD, SPIRIT, but believed.
Rom.3: 3-4- GOD is true, powerful and effective.
Rom.8: 31-39- If GOD be for us (our soul) nothing can be against us.

Discuss and lay more emphasis on the explanation of these topics. Call SPIRIT now.
SPIRIT cloned Himself into pieces of SPIRIT man kinds. SPIRIT reproduced Himself into human race. SPIRIT took of Himself to create another look alike, images, and likeness of Him and Self. SPIRIT intended continuity of generations of SPIRITS on earth here. GOD has trillions of invisible and silent SPIRIT cells of Himself in Man ready, to express as SPIRIT life, SPIRIT beings and expand the SPIRIT and GOD kingdom as SPIRIT replicas that will live exactly like SPIRIT beings on earth here. “Thy SPIRIT-life be done on earth (in body) as the SPIRIT life and SPIRIT will is done in heaven (in the soul within)”- that we may live as SPIRIT Himself in the two-seen and unseen within and without dimensions. Go back to SPIRIT, return to SPIRIT and become SPIRIT. It is your secret and hidden being. You must bring out the SPIRIT seed in you. SPIRIT heads and holds the body house. SPIRIT is in charge. SPIRIT sent you here. SPIRIT is the essence of you and so be the SPIRIT that you are. Only SPIRIT rules in both heaven and earth of His creation. SPIRIT will always remain WHOLE even when SPIRIT took part of Him self to create all and every thing and nothing is depleted nor reduced in SPIRIT potency. I am a visiting SPIRIT from heaven. I travel here to earth as SPIRIT and will travel back home as SPIRIT. I am SPIRIT descended from heaven and I will and must ascend back as SPIRIT to heaven. It is a law of GOD that can never be changed by anybody. The way we started as SPIRIT, is the same way we must go back as SPIRIT, to heaven, believe it or not.



Prayer to do the will of GOD everyday.

JEHOVAH GOD- my eternal and secret self,
HOLY SPIRIT- my inner most wonder,
JESUS CHRIST, my resurrected self,
LORD JEHOVAH-my supernatural being, where art thou in me? Come forth! I will surely see you.

Any one whosoever repeats and recites the names above 3000 times daily is eating JESUS CHRIST flesh and drinking the essence of HOLY SPIRIT. His or her body, soul and mind will be cleansed, renewed and filled with the power of divine love. You will know the truth and it will bring you heavenly grace and freedom. The will and the work of CHRIST will unfold in you. The divine nature of GOD will quickly reveal Himself in your life. JESUS CHRIST is born in you instantly. You will become the will of GOD soon, with all divine authority going with you and His righteousness abiding with you. We will transform.

Recite these spiritual prayer statements 100 times each.
JEHOVAH GOD is my true will. JESUS CHRIST is my will. I will do the will of GOD. My soul is attached to the LORD. I am SPIRIT. My soul remembers the will of GOD. I am the pure will of JEHOVAH GOD. My LORD JESUS willed me to GOD eternally.

Reading, Counseling, Message and Meditations
1Cor.1: 7-9- In JESUS CHRIST, we are confirmed blameless.
1Cor.8: 6-13- In GOD, we and all things are made in CHRIST JESUS.
Phil.4: 19- But my GOD shall supply all my needs, to His riches in JESUS CHRIST.
Heb.8: 8-13- I will put my new laws (SPIRIT, GOD, CHRIST, JESUS) in their heart
1Jn.1: 4-7- GOD is Light, walk in the Light of GOD, THE SPIRIT.
1Jn.3:18-24- GOD is greater than our heart, He abides in us as Almighty love.
1Jn.4: 1-17- You are of GOD in flesh, manifest in this world as GOD indwelling.
Rev.3: 12-13- He that over cometh, I will write upon him the name of my GOD.
Rev.21: 3-5- GOD shall wipe away all tears and there shall be no more death.
2Pet.1: 3-9- GOD has given us all things pertaining to His life-The SPIRIT.
1Tim.4: 6-9- Fables, worldliness, and godliness profits nothing, nothing I say.
1Tim.3: 16- Great is the mystery of GODLINESS, SPIRIT manifests in flesh as us.

Discuss and emphasize in your inner meditation
SPIRIT lives SPIRIT. SPIRIT is living SPIRIT life everyday.
SPIRIT thinks SPIRIT. SPIRIT is thinking SPIRIT thoughts always.
SPIRIT speaks SPIRIT languages. SPIRIT speaks in SPIRIT voices here, then and now.SPIRIT acts and behaves SPIRIT. GOD is SPIRIT forever. I am SPIRIT who made me as Himself.

This is what GOD does in order to manifest His SPIRIT power within eternally.
Repetition of SPIRIT in you will fire and inspire you up with GOD’S power. This is the way to go to be empowered by GOD. Follow GOD’S foot steps to be good sons and daughters of GOD. The sons mean the true images and likeness of GOD- the creator and Father of all of us. Like Father, like son, like son, like Father. The son must live, think, speak and act GOD and SPIRIT like his Father too. Be as perfect as GOD is perfect. SPIRIT is for SPIRIT and GOD is for GOD. It is a simple and perfect equation of Father and Son in love, relationship and oneness to tap from THE SPIRIT as GOD taps from The SPIRIT the supernatural source of GOD and source for all people and all creation of GOD. Go to the SPIRIT the source of all and the beginning of all beginnings. This SPIRIT is the only secret you need or want. The SPIRIT is the greatest nature, identity and name of GOD in me.