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Prayer for spiritual recovery of my Soul - Soul to come forth and appear as SPIRIT.

SPIRIT OF GOD show forth in my body,
LORD JEHOVAH show up in my mind,
HOLY SPIRIT show forth in my being,
JESUS CHRIST, show up in my soul. Repeat 12 times or more each daily.

When one is spiritually lost and confused and wants to be spiritually found and revived again, the names above should be called and recited 7200 times each. He or she will be reborn and renewed again within 7 days no matter what the situation is! The LORD of your being will show up and find you out and will prove to be your strength and only redeemer in JESUS name. These names will recreate you back to your divine state and spiritual status of origin and nature. GOD will surface in your life again my dear friend.

Affirm and invoke these great prayer words 100 times daily for 7 days.
The SPIRIT lives in me. The SPIRIT of GOD lives in my soul. Holy SPIRIT, arise in me now. The LORD JEHOVAH lives in my mind. JESUS CHRIST discovers me. LORD, rise up in me today. I am CHRIST born again. I am JESUS born anew. GOD, come forth into me.

Reading, Counseling, Address and Meditations.
Rom.8: 26-28- SPIRIT helps our good and weakness in prayer,
James.1: 12- GOD is with me in my trials and hard times,
Heb.10: 22-23- Draw near to GOD with clean mind and clear (pure) heart,
Psam.37: 23-24- The LORD will guide and uphold your steps,
Psam.119: 105-106- Your word (SPIRIT) is a lamp to my (your) steps,
Mk.9: 23- Everything is possible for him who believes in GOD,
2Tim.2: 15-16- Do your best in GOD to be approved of spiritual truth,
Psam.92: 12-15- The righteous will flourish in GOD,
Phil.1: 5-6- The SPIRIT of GOD will see you to a successful end,
1Jn.5: 3-7- We are not of flesh, blood and water, but of the SPIRIT of GOD, and SPIRIT composition.
Psam.147: 11- The LORD delight in those who respect, hope and love Him.
3Jn.1: 2- In GOD is good health. Let your soul go and serve well with GOD.

Explain and meditate on the presence and power of SPIRIT and His effect on Man.
GOD is SPIRIT. SPIRITOLOGY is the study and science of SPIRIT life, SPIRIT nature, SPIRIT influence, direct effect of SPIRIT power and SPIRIT activities in every area of man’s cultural life and nature. I am SPIRIT. SPIRIT is the history and background of man. The spiritual biology of man is SPIRIT. The spiritual chemistry of man is SPIRIT. The spiritual technology and creative engineering of GOD and man is SPIRIT. Man is the direct satellite of GOD-sending direct SPIRIT signals to GOD any and all the time. Whenever SPIRIT receives, “I am SPIRIT” waves from man’s brain,-his remote control or from the observatory SPIRIT satellite of GOD- his man Soul- GOD thoughts, JESUS prayers, CHRIST meditation, or SPIRIT repetitions, GOD will then complete His divine transmission work in His SPIRIT image and GOD likeness- the SPIRIT man. The whole human soul, body and mind then begins to vibrate and respond in miraculous SPIRIT healing and GOD charging powers in his life. A new spiritual life of good news is born in us henceforth. The whole hosts of heaven are singing to the praises of GOD for our deliberate union, inner deliverance, total salvation and final oneness redemption into HIS eternal kingdom of heaven.   


Prayer for the forgiveness of my sins,- not knowing GOD and His Will.

SPIRIT OF GOD forgive my soul,
LORD JEHOVAH forgive my body,
JESUS CHRIST forgive my being. I am forgiven by the Holy SPIRIT, amen.

A person who recites and rehearses the Holy name of CHRIST 600 times daily for 3 days will soon see the mercy and forgiveness of GOD. Any one who says SPIRIT OF GOD 600 times repeatedly is one who has been totally forgiven for turning over his life completely over to GOD- the Light. You will shine again and again and very soon too as a STAR my man and sister. You are made clean and will remain holy for ever as you obey this law of this inner and spiritual confession to one and only maker GOD THE GOOD.

Tell yourself each of these pray
er statements 100 times.
SPIRIT is my forgiveness. I am clean in JESUS. I am forgiven by the LORD. GOD is my forgiveness. The SPIRIT of JEHOVAH is upon me. CHRIST purifies me from all sins. I confess THE HOLY NAMES IN SOUL everyday.

Readings, Counseling, Sermons and Meditations.
Heb.11: 1-11- GOD and SPIRIT faith transforms into wonderful CHRIST experiences
Psam.119: 9-16- Conform with / to the LORD to see better and great days in you.
Psam.23: 1- The LORD is my shepherd, (security and provider) I shall not want.
1Jn.5: 9-15- He who has CHRIST, has the testimony of eternal life of GOD.
Psam.18: 29-32- GOD makes my way perfect, He is LORD.
Neh.8: 10- The joy of the LORD is my strength.
Mk.11: 23-25- Have faith in GOD, whatever you need or want shall be given you.
Psam.107:19-21- Call and give thanks to the LORD who rescues.
Jer.30: 17-19- GOD will restore your health and rebuild your ruins
Phil.4: 19- My GOD will meet and supply all your needs in and with abundant riches.
Prov.18: 10- The righteous run to the LORD and are saved.
Jn.3: 16-21- The SPIRIT, GOD, CHRIST and JESUS gave us their names for our rescue and salvation.

Explain fully. GOD went inside of Himself, took from His SPIRIT to create Man.
We are same SPIRIT with GOD, same SPIRIT identical, same SPIRIT breed, ONE SPIRIT specie and 
one SPIRIT family name as and with all of GOD creation. We are SPIRIT name-sakes with GOD. We are share holders in the SPIRIT identity, SPIRIT Being, SPIRIT activities, with and in His SPIRIT kind and His SPIRIT type since He mad
e us with His own SPIRIT Sel
f and His own SPIRIT Being content. We are all SPIRIT members, of the same SPIRIT groups, GOD specie and SPIRIT citizens with GOD in His one and only SPIRIT kingdom. We are partners of the same SPIRIT stuff, SPIRIT substance and SPIRIT being. SPIRIT days are here now, SPIRIT life is now. It is time to live SPIRIT life, SPIRIT days and SPIRIT years now. GOD is good and super natural, simple to know, to experience, and great to understand for us all to live all the time. Feel SPIRIT and live in the SPIRIT body, SPIRIT soul, SPIRIT and GOD being from today. Eternity in SPIRIT world is you being SPIRIT in your GOD-present life time now. This is your everlasting spiritual forgiveness of sin from GOD. Nothing can be full of good blessings always and all the time as the spiritual forgiveness that comes from GOD-the cleaner and eternal cleanser of our being. How great, holy and pure are the Holy, sacred and divine SPIRITOLOGISTS life and their inner activities simply are, because they know and understand their SPIRIT oneness and SPIRIT application with the great universal and supreme SPIRIT that created them. SPIRIT controls their lives, SPIRIT dominates their soul in their SPIRIT activities and their outer SPIRIT human body as they move with SPIRIT laws daily. What a great inner peace are the SPIRITS or SPIRIT sons, and SPIRIT daughters of GOD are, who are directly from the SPIRIT production line of THE SPIRIT mind industry of GOD in heaven. They are great within and closely connected to THE SPIRIT their source within!  


Prayer for the Peace of GOD in my mind daily.

SPIRIT OF GOD in my life,
LORD JEHOVAH in my being,
HOLY SPIRIT in my soul,
JESUS CHRIST in my body, is peace. Give me a calm peace within me O LORD.

In times of danger, accident, disaster, mishap, loss of job, property or death of loved ones, near or far away, no matter how shocking, sudden and surprising it may be, for physical comfort, spiritual strength and normal psychological safety and calmness, GOD will keep in perfect peace those who learn to mentally affirm and repeat the good and complete names above 700 times daily. It is the responsibility of GOD to give them a calm and perfect peace of mind. Do it now. It is a free and amazing grace. You will certainly become the peace of GOD, which you are originally from the foundation of GOD and creation. It is the hidden secret of mental-comfort and inner spiritual peace of GOD. LORD let there be peace within me.

Repeat and invoke the following prayer statements 100 times daily.
JEHOVAH is my peace. The SPIRIT is my peace of mind. CHRIST is my perfect peace. GOD is my calm peace. The LORD is peace in my soul. JESUS is the peace of my brain. I have GODLY thoughts. I rest perfectly in SPIRIT. The SPIRIT, be my perfect peace of mind.

Readings, Counseling, Addresses and Meditations.
Heb.13: 5-6- The LORD is my helper, I will not be afraid.
Gal.3: 26-29- You are sons of GOD baptized into CHRIST.
Eph.4: 22-32- Put on the new CHRIST being, GOD’S nature, not the old and dead self
Psam.29: 11- The LORD gives strength and blesses His people.
Heb.4: 1- Never fall short of SPIRIT, GOD, or CHRIST self. Stand up for JESUS CHRIST daily.
Isah.26: 2-3- The gate of GOD is open to the soul, enter in fully.
Rom.8: 31-39- Nothing can separate us from GOD and His love, nothing..
Jer.31: 3- The LORD loved us with an everlasting love and kindness.
1Jn.4:6-21- SPIRIT and GOD is love, we ought to love each other truly as ourselves.
Psam.68: 19-20- GOD bears our burden and our escape from sudden/spiritual deaths.
1Cor.6: 19-20- The price on you is GOD, the label on you is CHRIST, tell no one.
2Cor.5: 16-18- Regard no one as your father or body, but as SPIRIT, or GOD fellows.

Pray and say these statements silently within your soul at least 7 times.
SPIRIT of GOD, come into my life.---------- Affirm for 10 minutes daily.
Holy SPIRIT, come into my mind.------------ Repeat for 10 minutes daily.
JESUS CHRIST, enter my soul now.----------Recite for 10 minutes now.  
JEHOVAH is my peace of mind---------------Say for 10 minutes here now.
My LORD and my GOD over shadow me.---Pray for 10 minutes daily.
The glory of GOD is upon my being.-----Meditate for 10 minutes.
SPIRIT of Holiness, descend upon my sou.l—Pray for 10 minutes.

When my heart is filled with GOD and fully established in JESUS, I can not resist or stop the wonders, miracles, mysteries, attributes, qualities, works and promises of GOD expressing or manifesting in my life and in my daily activities. The supernatural SPIRIT will show up Himself in us anyway if we expect Him or not. You have called GOD. HE will surely visit you soon. JESUS will certainly be walking with you indeed because you have called Him to yourself and He will obey you.   
Prayer of abundant Blessings and prosperity of GOD. As I repeat, I am multiplying myself.

SPIRIT OF GOD within my mind,
LORD JEHOVAH within my soul,
JESUS CHRIST within my body,
HOLY SPIRIT within my being, is my prosperity. O LORD, multiply my life.

Any one or person who reads or is saying these Almighty names 4000 times for 3 days will be abundantly blessed both materially and spiritually for he or she is doing the will of GOD. The reciter of these holy names is safe guarded against poverty at all times. Blessed is the name of the LORD. In your wealth you will be self sufficient and not b
e in want. So says THE LORD.

Tell yourself these prayer statements 100 times each in times of need.
I am SPIRIT rich. GOD is blessing me now. I am CHRIST rich in my soul. The LORD is blessing me always. I am JESUS rich. JEHOVAH is blessing me now. Praise GOD I am rich within. GOD is the secret of all my riches. The power behind my wealth is GOD.

Readings, Counseling, Messages and Meditations.
Rom.3: 19-26-Righteousness comes from GOD to us through JES
Jn.4: 23-24- True worshipers worship the Father through SPIRIT repetition and remain as SPIRIT beings.
Mk.1: 11-13- You are my beloved SPIRIT son (people) in whom I am well pleased.
Eph.4: 3-7- Keep the unity of SPIRIT in mind, body and soul as ONE with GOD..
Luk.15: 11-24- The lost son apart from GOD, I will go back (turn) to GOD, my Father and live with HIM.
Jn.17: 1-7- GOD and SPIRIT is your glory before the world was or began, claim GOD eternally.
2Cor.3: 16-18- Wherever GOD is, freedom abides. The veil is removed, JESUS lives as LORD.
Deut.28: 9-13- The LORD will establish, bless and protect you if you will keep His will.
Isah.64: 6-9- We are all your people- we are GOD’S breeds and GOD'S family.
Deut.32: 18- Do not desert the GOD that gave you birth.
Isah.17: 10- Do not forget GOD your savior.
Psam.106: 21- Do not forget GOD who saved you.

Repeat these Dimensions of the SPIRIT in me, you and us 7 times
GOD is SPIRIT and I am SPIRIT too like my SPIRIT DAD. My heavenly Father is SPIRIT. I am a SPIRIT human and a SPIRIT b
eing. My life is SPIRIT. My soul is SPIRIT. My mind is SPIRIT mind. I am a SPIRIT man. I have SPIRIT body. My body parts are SPIRIT likeness and SPIRIT images. I am a SPIRIT transfigured person now. I am SPIRIT in all dimensions. I am SPIRIT within and I am SPIRIT without. I am SPIRIT in truth. My creator is SPIRIT. I am a SPIRIT creation of GOD. I will live The SPIRIT life with GOD everyday. JESUS CHRIST is SPIRIT. JESUS CHRIST is living a SPIRIT life now with GOD in heaven. SPIRIT life is the only real SPIRIT life for me to live. I am SPIRIT because GOD is SPIRIT. GOD is calling me to live the SPIRIT life. I will obey the SPIRIT and follow the SPIRIT commandment to be a good child of the SPIRIT of GOD. The SPIRIT loves me and will always bless me. I am SPIRIT blessed, and SPIRIT abundant all the time. I add soul plus my need and I multiply it by THE SPIRIT. It becomes whole.
Take inventory of your blessings from GOD in your meditation.
Just count your blessings, count them one by one everyday. The blessings of GOD to you starts from counting the invisible, non material, mental, psychological, emotional, and all spiritual blessings and then you can now proceed to counting the physical, material and all other blessings you have received from GOD. This is a wise and thankful mind in you.

Prayer of total Health and for Healing in me.

SPIRIT OF GOD in my body,
LORD JEHOVAH in my soul,
HOLY SPIRIT in my life,
JESUS CHRIST in my being, is my well being. O LORD, make me whole.

The soul that learns to recite and reaffirm the names of JESUS will soon find all of his or her problems solved. Recite the n
ame of GOD endlessly and soon find relief from all and most sicknesses. GOD is the healer of his own people, the one who subdues all bodily sicknesses and restores our health. Repeat your wholeness names now for one hour and be saved now and not later. Health and GOD is our divine right. Call YOUR GOD now and not later for quick manifestation and fast restoration!

Repeat and affirm each one of these prayer statements 100 times.
The SPIRIT is healing my soul. GOD is my health. The LORD is healing me in JESUS name. JEHOVAH is my health. CHRIST is healing me now. Praise GOD, I am healed by JESUS. I prais
e GOD for my spiritual health. SPIRIT waves and GOD currents heals me daily.

Readings, Counseling, Sermons and Meditations.
Eph.5: 23-33- Love CHRIST first and you will love self and all others-CHRIST is the source of all.
Gen.1:26-27- Project your self as the SPIRIT image of GOD that He made all people.
Rom.8: 2-11- If you do not live GOD, SPIRIT or CHRIST life, we can not please Him.
Luk.4: 8-18- The SPIRIT of the LORD is upon me to defeat the devil. SPIRIT, come to me and enter my body and soul now.
Luk.10: 18-24- The SPIRIT or GOD authority is hidden from the worldly man.
Mk.16: 17-19- In SPIRIT and in JESUS name, satan is fallen.
Rev.12: 7-11- The authority, salvation, power and kingdom of GOD is in your being.
1Jn.4: 1-4- Do not believe the spirit but the SPIRIT of GOD which you are.
1Jn.1: 1-7- Have fellowship with CHRIST and GOD the Father of light and truth.
1Jn.2: 3-6- Walk decently in JESUS CHRIST.
1Pet.2: 21-25- Return to the shepherd and overseer of your soul- the LORD JEHOVAH.
Phil.2: 5-11 – Be the same as JESUS CHRIST, the nature of GOD, the SPIRIT life within me.

Dimensions of JESUS in me is to be discussed in my meditation time.
Repeat these truths to yourself 7 times.
I am living the life of JESUS now. I am healthy today in JESUS name.
The SPIRIT of JESUS abides in me. My life is JESUS life.
I have JESUS soul in me. I am a JESUS man. I have JESUS body in me. My JESUS image and JESUS likeness is upon me. 
I am JESUS resurrected in my soul. My life is filled with JESUS. My mind is full of JESUS. JESUS is the truth in me. My body is the temple of JESUS. JESUS is with me in all ways. Praise GOD I am healed. In JESUS name, I am healed by JESUS HOLY NAME. JESUS has healed me.
Repeat, JESUS CHRIST, arise in me, HOLY SPIRIT, abide with me- for 10 minutes.

Most sicknesses and problems have their mental causes and psychological roots from the mind. When the name of JESUS CHRIST is used and continues to be sounded repeatedly from the same mind, spiritual healing of the sickness or eradication of the problem begins to immediately restore the body and the soul from the same mental level plain. Mental repetition of GOD’S name is our power of the whispered spoken word within. The true spiritual healing must begin from the brain, mind and soul- the mental plain of our being. Speaking or, calling, sounding, hearing and frequency of Holy Names in the soul is first, last and final to heal 
our being and restoration of our total humanity begins to work spiritual manifestations.  

Prayer For Deeper, Spiritual Secrets, Insights Of Me, to be revealed to me by GOD.

THE SPIRIT OF GOD is my being,
THE LORD JEHOVAH is my soul,
THE HOLY SPIRIT is my mind,
JESUS CHRIST is my body, Make me understand my mystical composition and nature now O LORD.

Whosoever or any one who says these HOLY names 1200 times daily and before you sleep, he or she will soon begin to receive the deepest secrets of GOD from the SPIRIT. A stronger bond of love and affection will exist between him and GOD. It will cause his mind, heart, body and soul to be filled with light. All of your questions will be answered. SPIRIT knowledge, GOD wisdom and CHRIST understanding will be revealed, shown, given and added to you as you repeat these names over and over again. What a good sleep and insight, full of knowledge, about your self and surrounding it would be today. Awesome!, overwhelming! and consuming!

Recite and invoke the following prayer sentences 100 times each daily.
GOD is the secret of my soul. SPIRIT is my hidden being. JEHOVAH is my hidden self. JESUS CHRIST is the hidden structure in me. The LORD is my inner power. SPIRIT IS.   

Readings, Counseling, Addresses and Meditations
Rom.15: 5-7- Glorify GOD in your heart and with your mouth.
Col.3: 12-17- Let the name or word of CHRIST live in you richly and abundantly.
Heb.12: 2-8- Fix your eyes and soul on JESUS. The LORD discipline those He loves.
Jn.15: 15-16- Everything that I learnt from the Father, I have made known to you.
Rev.3: 18-21- Put on SPIRIT, GOD and JESUS CHRIST to cover all your shame and nakedness.
James.4: 5-8- The SPIRIT, He, GOD caused to live in us abundantly to humble us.
Jn.15: 11-16- He laid His life and name down for His friends to put on and live by it.
1Cor.1:8-10-GOD and CHRIST keep us united with the SPIRIT in mind and thought.
Matt.12: 50- Whosoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother, my sister and my friend.
Jn.14: 16-18- The SPIRIT of truth is invisible, silent and not known to unbelievers.
Heb.2: 11- He who makes men holy and who are made holy are one and same family
Gal.3: 26-27- You are all sons of GOD made and clothed in CHRIST skin and CHRIST SPIRIT.

Discuss and emphasize these meditation points in you.
GOD gave His SPIRIT to us so that we may use HIS SPIRIT freely any time.
Eternally lives the SPIRIT of GOD in all His creations within and without any where.The SPIRIT is sending His SPIRIT vibration and SPIRIT beam to us because GOD is good and GOD is love. Your SPIRIT souls are reattached to your GOD bodies. It is the Holiest wedlock. The SPIRIT sent His victory to us already. The SPIRIT sends His happiness to us now. The SPIRIT always sends CHRIST glory to us if and when we ask for HIS presence.  Let the SPIRIT of JESUS reign over your soul for ever. In SPIRIT and in GOD we live. GOD saved His SPIRIT for us that HE may control and that it may be well with our soul. There is no other knowledge greater than knowing what you are in your soul and who you are inside your body. This is the greatest of all knowledge that you can ever achieve. I am SPIRIT physically, I am SPIRIT mentally, I am SPIRIT psychologically, I am SPIRIT emotionally, I am SPIRIT spiritually, I am SPIRIT in all I do, I am SPIRIT in my thinking, I am SPIRIT in all I say, I am SPIRIT alive because GOD Himself is SPIRIT in me alive forevermore. I am one with GOD and I am one with the SPIRIT of GOD. This wisdom, knowledge and understanding is enough for me to hold on to forever. I call the SPIRIT to myself. It is my strongest hand. With my mind, I can hold on to GOD and arrest GOD tight and even tie GOD down in my soul with the power of my mind so that GOD will not leave my soul but abide with me forever. GOD has given my mind this supernatural power, authority, dominion and ability to set myself free at last.



Prayer For Protection Anytime Or In Travel Times. I travel in SPIRIT.

JESUS CHRIST, Surround my body and watch over my soul, amen.

I say unto you again, whosoever wants the light, power and presence of GOD protection everywhere or is embarking on any vehicle of transportation should call and repeat these miracle working names above several and uncountable times all the time, before and while traveling. He or she will be safe-guarded and they will be protected against all mishap and granted GOD’S traveling mercies, security and care. These names will hold the vehicle to safety. For HE is your protection and I AM with you always. Amen to His Holy names. GOD is your vehicle in this physical body journey on earth here. Put the SPIRIT body on now so as to have a safe journey back to your everlasting SPIRIT home of GOD in heaven in any manner or case. GOD is waiting to welcome you in His SPIRIT image and SPIRIT likeness like Him in ONE WHOLE Being. You are well guarded, just know you are protected surely.

Recite these prayer affirmations 100 times each for your daily protection.
SPIRIT is my protection. GOD is protecting me. In the name of JESUS, I am protected. The LORD is my safety. In CHRIST, I am secure. JEHOVAH, I am in your hand. JESUS CHRIST is my salvation. My whole life is GOD-protected. My soul is SPIRIT secured.   

Readings, Counseling, Messages and Meditation.
Jn.1:12- 13- He who receives and believes JESUS CHRIST is born of GOD and of SPIRIT.
Eph.2:18-22- GOD lives in us by His SPIRIT to become a Holy temple of and in the LORD.
Gal.4: 4-17- GOD sent His SPIRIT to our heart that we may no longer be slaves to satan and sin.
Rom.8: 1-17- The SPIRIT of life set me free from the law of sin, blood and flesh.
1Jn.3: 1-3- The SPIRIT helps us to obey GOD.
Exod.23: 20-22- My name (GOD) is in you, pay attention and listen to GOD in you.
1Sam.2:6-10- - The foundation of the earth are the LORD’S, He will guard His own saints.
Zephan.3; 17-18, 20- I will bring you home, the LORD GOD is with you.
1Pet.1:3-5- He has given us a new birth, you are shielded and protected by GOD..
Jn.10:27-30- I will give them eternal life (SPIRIT) and they shall never perish.
2Thess.3: 3-4- Persecution will come but we will overcome for GOD is with us always.
Jude.1: 24-25 GOD and the SPIRIT of CHRIST in you/us are able to keep you from falling.

Spiritual prayer Exercise or affirm at least 7 times in your meditation.
The SPIRIT of CHRIST, enter my soul,--------- Affirm for 10 minutes daily.
The SPIRIT of JESUS, flow into my body,-------Recite for 10 minutes daily.
HOLY SPIRIT, show up in my life,--------------Repeat for 10 minutes daily.
LORD JEHOVAH, abide and live with me,------Say for 10 minutes daily.



Prayer for CHRIST strength within me.

SPIRIT OF GOD in my soul,
LORD JEHOVAH in my soul,
HOLY SPIRIT in my soul,
JESUS CHRIST in my body, Come forth, be my greatest strength and dignity of my being.

One who calls the LORD’S powerful names in a meditative state of mind or in the quiet of his soul will cause his life to be filled with the mind of CHRIST in him and this truth will make her free. Call these names 1000 times each in the middle of the night or in the quiet day time. This will cause the unfoldment of your JESUS nature to come forth. The mighty current of GOD will be revealed and over flow in you soon. JESUS is risen and alive in you again with an amazing grace, accompanied with great surprises. WOW!.

Tell your soul these prayerful words 100 times daily.
JESUS in my soul is my strength. The CHRIST strength is in my brain. GOD within me is my strength. I am SPIRIT strong. The LORD is my power. GOD lives in my body as my strength. The SPIRIT of GOD life in me is my strength. I praise the SPIRIT OF THE LORD, Amen.

Readings, Counseling, Sermons and Meditations,.
Rom.8: 35-39- You are sealed with GOD eternally,
Phil.1: 2-6- GOD within you will see you to the end of everything.
Psam.23: 3-6- Goodness and mercy-SPIRIT/GOD- shall follow me all the days of my life.
Jn.6: 26-29- Labor for the meat (GOD ‘S thought/CHRIST words) which endure for ever.
2Cor.1: 21-22- You are CHRIST anointed by GOD.
Eph.1: 13-14- We are sealed with the Holy SPIRIT by GOD.
Eph.4: 30-32- Forgive as GOD forgives you / us for CHRIST sake.
Heb.6: 11-20- Be diligent with GOD, to enter the promise of GOD eternity.
Mk.11: 24-26- The humble are good and clever in the sight of GOD.
Eph.1: 17-23- JESUS in your life, is above all and everything things.  
Jn.15: 1-8- He that abide in JESUS CHRIST brings forth much good fruits-actions.
Jn.14: 1-14 – He that believes in GOD, the work that I (JESUS) did shall he do also.

Teach, pray and emphasize at least 7 times in your meditation.
SPIRIT of GOD, show up in my life, ---- say for 10 minutes daily.
Holy SPIRIT, come into my brain,--------speak to your self for 10 minutes daily.
SPIRIT of JESUS, show up in my being,--repeat for 10 minutes daily.
SPIRIT of CHRIST, feed into my body now,---- Affirm for 10 minutes daily.
JEHOVAH my LORD, transform and transfigure me to your likeness--recite for 10 minutes.
JESUS CHRIST, arise, awake and resurrect in me forever----pray for 10 minutes

Your soul will turn towards the direction you instructed him to go. Your inner command center has power to control your mind about what to do. They will start to respond from within and obey immediately on the outside. This is our dominion, authority and freedom over our life and concerns. This is how to unlock the mysteries within us. It is our tool from GOD. It is free!


Prayer to Follow CHRIST daily, I am a shining star.

HOLY SPIRIT, Abide with me. (Come to me and accompany me everywhere I go)

The constant reciter of CHRIST in her head or brain will soon perceive and behold the CHRIST in her self as what she is meant to become. All bounds of human limitations will be loosened and vanished because your soul has become one with the CHRIST nature, the very essence and fiber of your being. Recite and repeat CHRIST 7200 times daily and begin to smile hence forth. You will see CHRIST before you see death, Halleluiah! Amen.

Repetition of these prayerful statements 100 times daily will transform you.
CHRIST is with me to the end. I am SPIRIT in truth. The composition of my soul is GOD. I have the components of  CHRIST in my body. I am JESUS filled. The image of JEHOVAH is in me. I behold the LORD in my life. I look at GOD inside me. I see GOD within me.

Readings, Counseling, Address and Meditations.
2Pet.1: 2-8- The knowledge of GOD and life of JESUS brings grace.
Joel.2: 26-32- Ye shall praise the name of GOD for His wonders.
Jn.6: 31-40- The bread of GOD is He (SPIRIT/CHRIST) that comes from heaven.
Joel.2: 19-20- The LORD will answer you and not make you a reproach.
Isah.55: 2-3- Let your soul harken and delight in GOD.
Jerem.31: 12-14- Your soul shall sorrow no more.
Psam. 63: 5-8- My soul shall follow GOD and be satisfied.
2Cor.5: 16-21- Behold, old things are become new in SPIRIT.
Jn.16: 15-23- But your sorrows shall be turned into joy.
Jn.15: 3-7- Abide in me-CHRIST and I (CHRIST JESUS) in you.
Rom.8: 35-39- We are more (GOD), than a conqueror, in JESUS CHRIST.
1Cor.3: 17-23- If any man defiles, himself, the body and soul, as the temple of GOD, he has himself to blame…..

Pray like this daily for 20 minutes in your meditation.
CHRIST, arise in me.
CHRIST, feed into my body.
CHRIST, come into my life.
CHRIST, enter my soul.
CHRIST, flow into my mind.
CHRIST, show up in my being.

You will become the CHRIST of GOD sooner. I am the CHRIST of GOD is the spiritual or quality of perfection. The soul that receives or is filled and anointed with the SPIRIT of GOD is the CHRIST of GOD, because he is transfigured and received into the LIGHT OF GOD state and SPIRIT eternal status and that soul is glorified by JESUS heavenly hosts always because the soul that has SPIRIT upon himself is anointed as the CHRIST.


Prayer to Think about GOD in my brain always.

SPIRIT OF GOD, dominate my thinking,
LORD JEHOVAH, dominate my brain,
JESUS CHRIST, dominate my thinking,
HOLY SPIRIT, dominate my brain. Invoke prayer 4000 times

Should any one be desirous and yearn the eagerness of his spiritual self or her CHRIST nature, let him or her declare and affirm repeatedly “My soul magnifies GOD” 4000 times. GOD will gracefully express Himself in her heart. GOD will be the life of your life. In GOD’S name and power, enjoyment, harmony and happiness will abide with you. In due course, GOD will be the issues of your mind. Praise the LORD for your new Self.

Say these prayer words 100 times each daily.
GOD is my thought. I think JESUS in my brain. The thought of CHRIST fills my soul. I have JEHOVAH in my mind. I think SPIRIT, SPIRIT, SPIRIT, SPIRIT and SPIRIT  always. The LORD is the activities of my senses. I am GOD smart and CHRIST clever.

Readings, Counseling, Sermons and Meditations.
Luk.6: 43-49- A good tree (soul in CHRIST) brings forth good fruit (JESUS manners and CHRIST attitudes).
Acts.2: 17-28- Whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be saved.
Psam.86: 5-10- In the day of my trouble, I will call upon thee (GOD)
Psam.73: 27-28- It is good for me to draw near GOD.
Rom.14: 7-9- CHRIST is LORD of both dead and the living.
1Cor.6:19-20- You have your body from GOD, glorify GOD in your body.
Prov.8:17-21- I love them that love ME, JEHOVAH, I will fill and increase their treasure.
Eph.3: 17-19- Let CHRIST dwell in your heart that you may comprehend His mysteries.
Jn.15: 9-13, 17- You are my friends, I lay down my life for you, my friends, to PUT ME ON WITHIN YOU..
Jn.14: 18-21- I will not leave you, I will come to you.
Rom.8: 35-39- Nothing can separate me / us from GOD, nothing!
Psam.51: 15-17- A broken heart will GOD not despise.

Discuss and emphasize these truths.
Accept and proclaim your spiritual quality of completion. I am SPIRIT. I am GOD. I am CHRIST. I am JESUS Within and Without is your quality control, dominion, perfection, power, direct union, substance and authority in the righteousness of GOD over Satan. Know and understand your everlasting truth of oneness with all of the HOLY NAMES now. This is the complete Evangelical, Pentecostal and Spiritual Gospel subject, mind and mental objective and greatest matter to preach, spread, complete, and finish for GOD by the congregation in CHRIST Churches of TODAY. Live SPIRIT contemporary today, CHRIST modern life now, GOD age life style now and JESUS present-day- thoughts now, here and today. The old teachings, rituals, dogmas are past, sick, dead, buried, decayed, gone and lifeless. Get real with CHRIST and become GOD modern man. I think GOD in my body, think GOD in my brain, think GOD in my mind, think GOD in my soul, think GOD in my heart, think GOD in my being, think GOD as my life, and think GOD in me and think GOD as me always. I am all GOD in me. This is the WILL of GOD for me and it is a task that must be done and accomplished during my life time. JESUS surrounds me, GOD is within me, JEHOVAH is above me, the Holy SPIRIT is below me, the LORD penetrates and passes through my soul, I live, move and have my being in CHRIST and I am complete and perfect in these Holy Names that runs my life for me and performs my activities for me. Certainly I glory in GOD and my SPIRIT only now.  

30 A (THIRTY A). SPIRIT thoughts and CHRIST thinking (Processing) in Man.
SPIRIT operates and CHRIST functions between your inner most self, and works His way through your soul and straight to your body- from within outside. GOD expresses Himself fully through your thinking process. SPIRIT thinking in your mind grasps the concept of GOD clearly and results in quick solution to your problems. SPIRIT thinking in the mind is your highest level of spiritual awareness. Material, worldly and physical thinking limits your SPIRIT perfection, which gives birth to many problems. SPIRIT element in man is the basic center, substance and process of realistic thinking. During SPIRIT thinking in us, the body receives SPIRIT impulses and GOD sensations through the brain. The distribution and circulation of SPIRIT is spread all over the body entity for implementation of SPIRIT activities. SPIRIT thinking in man is SPIRIT processing that turns man into SPIRIT whole life. SPIRIT thinking is the practical solution to all spiritual problems. The SPIRIT will run, control, turn around and transform our inside Mind- where all actions originate.

Inability of the mind of man to think SPIRIT renders the soul disconnected from GOD and reality of essence of life. SPIRIT is a point for good experience and study. SPIRIT is a school in itself for good education. SPIRIT is a center of GOD for a thorough spiritual investigative exploration of our total being. SPIRIT is a school of thought or a form of thought processing activity in the human mind for comprehensive human activities in life. GOD is the source, author, origin, owner and director of great thoughts. SPIRIT is the criteria for our good, clean and positive thinking. SPIRIT is the property of good and righteous thoughts and SPIRIT is the history, biology and chemistry of descent words, just as SPIRIT is the science of good living. Mind, thought and thinking came out of GOD, without GOD there can be no mind, pure thoughts and wise thinking. GOD is our mind, GOD is our thoughts and SPIRIT is our thinking. GOD rules by domination and consummation over all life. SPIRIT is the vehicle for living in truth with integrity.

SPIRIT thought is the channel through which GOD enters the life of man to do SPIRIT business and SPIRIT justice. SPIRIT thoughts, SPIRIT verbalization and SPIRIT repetition connects us with THE SPIRIT and sends SPIRIT sparks, SPIRIT movements and SPIRIT sensations of SPIRIT to every parts of our life to heal the body. The mind of man must form, program and put GOD in itself since it is the nature of thinking to process and formulate GOD and do it properly in the soul too. Your thinking must form GOD well and image Him in your own way. GOD is a product of your own mind and thinking, not another man can do it (GOD or SPIRIT) for you. Create GOD and connect GOD yourself with your own brain and your own mind. GOD is within you, GOD is deep down behind and inside your soul as your strongest third person inside you. It is your own SPIRIT constant thinking and your inner SPIRIT repetitive thoughts that connects you with GOD’S life, GOD'S mind, GOD’S voice and GOD’S behavior instantly. Our SPIRIT repetition causes SPIRIT and effects SPIRIT presence, which then completes the task of our SPIRIT thoughts inside us.

Your GOD thoughts and SPIRIT thinking will bring GOD into the surface of your own being. The SPIRIT of GOD is the main hero and principal actor of your life with your thought and thinking in the company of CHRIST all along your life day by day. SPIRIT thought process in your mind is your strength. GOD thinking and CHRIST faculty power in your brain is your integrity. SPIRIT keeps your thoughts clean, GOD purifies your thinking. Submit your thoughts to GOD and surrender your thinking to CHRIST. This is being GOD connected and being born SPIRIT complete again in GOD redemption. When thoughts, thinking and the mind of man captures the SPIRIT and are led and transfigured to GOD, the inner soul or the total man is totally transformed to SPIRIT life altogether again. It is called spiritual healing of your being.