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Putting GOD in our mind, thought and self,

HOLY SPIRIT, I put YOU into my body and soul by my choice and decision now.

Consciously put the thought of SPIRIT in your mind. Intentionally put the thought of GOD in your brain. Meditatively put the thought of CHRIST in your soul. By choice put the thought of JEHOVAH in your being. I am aware of JESUS properties and the LORD qualities in all my activities. Know these elements to be your personal self. Put them on and in prayerfully with your consc
ious decision. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he-his life. See each name printed and coded into your being wit
h deep feeling. You are each name above indeed. They begin and end your entire life journey and make-up. Don’t betray GOD. Don’t betray yourself. My brain is thinking GOD now and my mind is full of SPIRIT thoughts because I consciously put these names inside of me to think about them. Practice this everyday. GOD has already put us inside Himself but we forget. Put Him back inside your soul please. GOD and SPIRIT belong inside of yo
u eternally. Stay inside GOD not outside of GOD. Let the SPIRIT move around inside your body and soul freely by your own conscious permission and your own voluntary will. Put or code and print GOD inside your soul. I situate my brain and mind inside SPIRIT, GOD, and JESUS daily.
Read and recite these prayers silently in the quiet of your soul 100 times.
I am in SPIRIT, GOD, CHRIST and JESUS mood every moment of my day.
SPIRIT is my inner mood. GOD is the mood of my soul. JEHOVAH is the mood of my mind. CHRIST is my life mood. JESUS is my mood. The LORD is my very true mood.
I will live SPIRIT and GOD and relive 
SPIRIT and GOD within me everyday of my life.

Reading, Counseling, Address and Meditation,
Col.2; 12-14 -I am nailed to CHRIST and buried in GOD daily.
Eph.2; 5-6- I am alive in CHRIST all the times.
Eph.4; 14-15-I grow up into CHRIST person, CHRIST form and CHRIST nature.
Eph.3; 14-19-I am named after CHRIST nature and SPIRIT identity.
Eph. 6; 18-20 -I p
ray to GOD at all times
to be awake, alive and alert in GOD.
Eph.5; 1-2-Be imitators of GOD and CHRIST in every thing you do.
Eph.6; 13-14-My GOD being is my armor. Put on the real CHRIST-MAN.
Eph. 4; 11-16-Grow into CHRIST status, to be a fully, grown, man of GOD.
Rom.3; 20-31-Law is sin. GOD personality is faith and CHRIST salvation.
Matt. 20; 22-28 Only GOD gives spiritual salvation to all people. None other,
Jn.6; 57-58- Put on the whole SPIRIT of GOD to be complete and perfect being.

My inner mood, feelings, attitude, emotion, behavior and thoughts are SPIRIT, GOD, JEHOVAH, LORD, CHRIST, and JESUS. All these Holy Names are my inner composition.
Hatred, anger, bad temper and wickedness will be crossed out totally in me and erased from my mind. Give the Holy Names the chance to do their cleansing work in you. GOD will complete His good work and promise in me. I will be clean in JESUS name, Amen. CRACK THE HARD NUT OF YOUR BODY AND BREAK THE SPIRIT OPEN IN YOU. This is all you need to do to be eternally free, whole and free indeed. It is the only inner secret task that you need to perform to get yourself out of the flesh and prison of satan in you friend.

The Father and I are ONE SPIRIT. It is the universal law of all beings.

THE SPIRIT is my being,
JEHOVAH GOD is my soul,
JESUS CHRIST is my mind,
HOLY SPIRIT is my life, GOD is m
y complete and perfect body. (Repeat 100 times)

Read over 7 times and understa
GOD is SPIRIT. I am SPIRIT. SPIRIT is GOD. I am SPIRIT. CHRIST is SPIRIT. I am a CHRIST of GOD. JESUS is SPIRIT. I am a JESUS of GOD. I am perfectly created and named SPIRIT. SPIRIT is my victorious, spiritual and holy identity that GOD gave me.

SPIRIT is my image of GOD. I am the likeness of SPIRIT. I am made out of SPIRIT invisible properties. I come forth from these silent Names. I must interact with HOLY NAMES and with them silently. Silent SPIRIT and invisible GOD, interacts, manifests, expresses and works in the quietness of peaceful minds and silent souls to demonstrate Himself. Be still and be silent now in order to connect with the quiet SPIRIT and know the silent GOD within your soul and in my inner most being too. THE SPIRIT is my essence and GOD is my existence. GOD is my substance and the CHRIST is my spiritual make up. SPIRIT is my super nature. JESUS is my body fibers and CHRIST is the molecule of my being. My highest names are they all. These names are my spiritual powers and my secret mysteries. They control all of my activities and constitute my destiny. I exist as them, by name, quality and content. This is what I am and should confess in me. I am SPIRIT, I am GOD, and it is a sin to deny my/your spiritual identi
ty. This is what I have within me. This is all I should know in order not to ruin my self worth, my self esteem, and the dignity trusted in me. Take your life back, time is too short. Directly hand power over to GOD now. The future time is late, dangerous, and disastrous. Connect with GOD, don’t disconnect yourself. Cross the line of the physical manifestation dimensions to THE SPIRIT zone of GOD and have daily meetings in your soul with THE eternal SPIRIT of your being within you.

Reading, Counseling, Message and Meditations,
Deut.28; 10-15-We are called by the name of the LORD.
Isah.64; 8-9-We are all thy people, the work of thy hand.
Deut.32; 18-Forgetful of the rock and GOD who gave you birth?
Isah.17; 10- Forgotten the GOD of your salvation and refuge? Do not.
Psam.106; 19-23-Exchange self for GOD, not vain images/names or lifeless symbols
Gen.1; 26-28-GOD created man in the image of HIS heart, life/name or nature.
Eph.5; 23-24-CHRIST is the head of all souls, subjected to Him.
Matt.6; 25-34- Seek ye GOD first, above every thing, and wait for His wonders.
Psam.11; 4-7- GOD is in man, - right inside us- for our righteousness.
Jn.4; 22-24- GOD seeks those who worship, feeds on and recites His SPIRIT name.
Rom.8; 11-17- Only The SPIRIT
, will transfigure our soul and transform us all.
Rev.19; 16- Inscribe the name of the LORD in your soul. Write CHRIST in and on you.
Isah.6; 1-5- Holy is the LORD of host, the earth (soul) is full of His SPIRIT-glory.

Speak SPIRIT words and SPIRIT language to SPIRIT the creator and SPIRIT the Father.
SPIRIT is the only quickest language GOD understands and wants to hear YOU speak in SPIRIT language to Him. GOD is SPIRIT. Those that worship Him must speak, talk and WORSHIP HIM in SPIRIT and in SPIRIT only and nothing but as SPIRIT image. See everything as SPIRIT life, SPI
RIT words, SPIRIT name and SPIRIT likeness and everything is being in tune, and staying tuned to GOD and with SPIRIT always. GOD speaks in SPIRIT words and SPIRIT voices. Listen to SPIRIT, for you are one with Him in SPIRIT nature, in GOD creation and in one SPIRIT culture. Understand and speak one language with GOD your creator. In your recitation of Holy Names, you will give birth to your new GOD self.


SPIRIT OF GOD is my faith,
LORD JEHOVAH is my religion,
JESUS CHRIST is my denomination,
HOLY SPIRIT is my church. GOD, enter my soul as me in YOU. Recite 7 times
Recite the above names 100 times daily with faith, determination and all seriousness. Certainly, you will be born again and your entire creation is spiritually transformed and changed and a new self will emerge. SPIRIT, GOD, CHRIST and JESUS will rise up in you, live your life for you and storm your daily activities with m
iracles and wonders.

Repeat these prayer statements 100 times now. I a
m feeding and increasing my soul.
SPIRIT is my faith. GOD is the faith in my soul. JEHOVAH is my faith. CHRIST is the faith in my mind. SPIRIT is the real word for my being. JESUS is my faith. I trust my LORD. GOD will see me to the end. I am CHRIST faithful. SPIRIT is the faith and the Man in my body. All my being abides in GOD. SPIRIT, consume my being. GOD, possess my soul. JESUS, dominate my mind. CHRIST, fill my body.

Readings, Counseling, Sermons an
d Meditations.
Matt.26: 26-31-Eat GOD into your body and drink SPIRIT into your soul, invite, (push/force) GOD into them..
Luk.17: 20-22- The kingdom of GOD is inside your soul and body,
Psam.91: 9-14-Make GOD your dwelling place. Live, think, speak and stay in GOD.
Rom. 8: 15-19-You have the SPIRIT of the Father in you-as sons, daughters and images of GOD.
1Tim.4: 7-8- Train yourself to be GODLY instead of unprofitable tales or gossips.
1Cor.15: 1-58- SPIRIT resurrects the soul, the mind and the body to GOD.
2Cor.5: 14-21- Any one in CHRIST is a new reconciled creation of (and to) GOD.
1Cor.3: 13-20- GOD’S SPIRIT lives in His sacred (our) human body.
Luk.24: 48-49- You are witnesses of the Father’s SPIRIT, clothed in GOD likeness.
Jn.14: 9-14-The SPIRIT will always repay the humbled now and on (the) resurrection day.
Matt.22: 1-15- Obey GOD’S invitation and put on the SPIRIT of His presence now.
Jn.13: 5-10- He who GOD or CHRIST indwells is totally and completely clean.

Discuss and explain in a meditative mood.
Bombard your soul, brain and mind with SPIRIT, GOD, CHRIST and JESUS repetition. You are entrusting your total being and self into the life, heart, hand and power of GOD forever. Lig
ht and darkness, air freshener and bad odor, SPIRIT of GOD and satan don’t mix. You will win. SPIRIT is the life, SPIRIT is the essence, SPIRIT is the quality, SPIRIT is the mind, SPIRIT is the manifestation, SPIRIT is the highest class, SPIRIT is the divine idea, and SPIRIT is the first category of your being. You must live, have, think, speak, apply, act and express the SPIRIT life all the time. SPIRIT and GOD must live your life for you to be complete and perfect. There is only SPIRIT life, GOD life, CHRIST life and JESUS life. Any other life or every other life is fake and counterfeit without any argument or debate. SPIRIT is the first and the last life you will live forever. SPIRIT life is your life right now. Start to live your SPIRIT eternity as from now and today for SPIRIT life is the pearl of great price we all must have. Live SPIRIT life now.   
I am a SPIRIT man. My body is SPIRIT. My soul is SPIRIT. I am a SPIRIT being.

Prayer for Divine Light.

SPIRIT OF GOD in my soul,
LORD JEHOVAH in my soul,
JESUS CHRIST in my soul,
HOLY SPIRIT in my soul, arise, shine and surround me with your light.

These NAMES are the Light of your heart and soul. GOD will grant you crystal light life if and when you re-affirm each one of the above names 300 times daily with all your heart. Darkness will fly away and disappear from your life. The new age of illumination will soon emerge for you. We, the Holy names are your shining lights for you. Ignite US with your repetition of our powerful and HOLY Names and WE will start to shine aglow in you, for you and your body will see and glorify GOD in you for your perfect and complete life in US.
Recite each prayer statement 100 times.
The SPIRIT is the light of my soul. GOD is the light in my life. JEHOVAH is the light in my mind. The LORD is my light. CHRIST is the light of my being. JESUS is my light. I am walking in the light of GOD. I am SPIRIT operated and led by CHRIST life all the time. Amen.

Readings, Counseling, Messages and Meditations.
Jn.6; 27-29- Think SPIRIT and repeat GOD, this is your mental spiritual food to eat.
Gen.2; 15- GOD puts the man in Himself (the garden) to feed man with HIS SPIRIT food.
Jn.14; 10-14- He who has SPIRIT or GOD, will do more than me (JESUS or self)
Jn.17; 21-24- The whole man and world is ONE SPIRIT OF GOD complete altogether.
Mk.1; 10-12- You are beloved by the SPIRIT, GOD is pleased in us if we remain GOD and one with HIM.
Jn.5; 14- I am well in JESUS but remain a sinner without JESUS-very simple truth.
Luk.6; 19- Power comes out of JESUS, JESUS power heals us all.
Jn.20; 22- Receive the Holy SPIRIT breath of GOD in your body, mind and soul.
John.3; 11-21- JESUS speaks what He knows and understands of the SPIRIT of GOD.
1Cor.15; 22- GOD raised JESUS from the grave yard, He lives forever for us.
Jn.11; 20-45- Lazarus came out of JESUS centered power and GOD filled life.
Matt. 7; 24-25- You are a rock in GOD when you say, I am SPIRIT- your royal status.

Discuss and explain in your meditation.
Take the SPIRIT, the LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST into your soul. Say I am GOD, think SPIRIT and recite CHRIST JESUS for 60 minutes. You are diluting your self with all the greatest powers that be. You will become a saint very soon. GOD is SPIRIT operated too. GOD performs and functions by His own SPIRIT. JESUS was born by the SPIRIT. He, JESUS was led by the SPIRIT. JESUS lived the SPIRIT life. JESUS teaching was about the SPIRIT. JESUS wonders and miracles were performed by the SPIRIT. JESUS rose and returned to the SPIRIT realm, to His Father GOD THE SPIRIT till now, today and forever. The soul, man’s body and flesh are made only to function and operate well by the SPIRIT. The SPIRIT is the supreme battery that charges all creation and creativity through which the universe operates too. Function as the SPIRIT. Your body, soul and mind are made to function and operate naturally by the SPIRIT and super naturally as GOD. This is the only battery to make them work well as GOD image. Aggressively pursue SPIRIT and achieve GOD ambitiously by repeating their names again and again and many times too. Surely and slowly, you will be fully empowered. SPIRIT is the first cause of every thing and SPIRIT is first beginning of all beginnings. GOD IS SPIRIT, WE ARE SPIRIT, YOU ARE SPIRIT AND I AM SPIRIT. Take resolution to manage and live your life spiritually like you mean it now and today till the last breath in you in THE SPIRIT.

Prayer for Spiritual Power of GOD- to abide and reveal in me.

SPIRIT OF GOD, live in me,
LORD JEHOVAH, abide in me,
HOLY SPIRIT, rest and remain with me,
JESUS CHRIST, reveal your Self in me, or (to me). Invoke 500 times.

When and if you desire to be strong in the power of the LORD, say and repeat the names above again and again 500 times each. You will soon begin to feel the presence of the LORD surrounding and watching over you. These Holy names are the powers that will transform your life forever. Just do it and follow the will of GOD. You will be strong and protected constantly as you say their Holy names over and over again. This is the hidden secret of all ages for your spiritual empowerment. The hidden secret is here now and is now wide opened here again purposely for YOU and for YOUR own advantageous glory, success and victory. GOD is ready to flood your life with His spiritual presence and power, right now if and as soon as you start to call and repeat His HOLY NAMES over and over again. You will be filled, fully empowered and enlarged within you from now and here on in JESUS name.

Rehearse each prayer statement 100 times daily.
GOD is my power. JEHOVAH is the power in my soul. SPIRIT is my power. CHRIST is the power of my mind. The LORD is the power of my being. JESUS is the power in my body. I am strong in the LORD my GOD. My GOD, empower me with your SPIRIT.

Readings, Counseling, Sermons and Meditation.
Jn.17; 1-26- JESUS universal prayer of oneness of mankind with the SPIRIT of GOD.
2Cor.5; 17-18- GOD sealed us all to Himself, reconciled to CHRIST, our new self.
Luk.6; 45-49- The SPIRIT man or GOD man brings out the treasures of GOD within
1Tim.2; 2-3- SPIRIT, GOD or JESUS life is peace, goodness, holiness and GODLINESS.
1Cor.6; 19-20- Your body belongs to GOD, it is GOD’S own home, abode and holy sanctuary.
Jn.5; 30-31- By my self, I can do nothing. The SPIRIT in me doeth His works and leads.
Matt.6; 1-18- end- The SPIRIT teaches all good things only, perfectly and freely too.
Colo.1: 12-19- CHRIST is first born and supreme image of GOD in you/us/me.
Prov.23: 7- He whose heart is not with GOD is not a kind man at all.
Exod.3:14-15- I am GOD, I am SPIRIT, is your strongest power of self assertion.
Matt.5: 13-16- SPIRIT is salt, GOD is light, shine and be sweet as CHRIST inside you.
Heb.10:10-18- GOD purifies, GOD lives in man’s heart as SPIRIT, holiness and righteousness.

Discuss and explain to yourself in your meditation. Reflect and contemplate.
The SPIRIT runs through us like a wild wave, passing across the soul in a sweeping manner of the storm or electrical current to empower the soul through your constant repetition of the “HOLY SPIRIT” in your soul everyday. This is the secret of being born again. The devil is fallen. Try it, experience is the best teacher. You will triumph. You will win because our LORD JEHOVAH is a winner and will always win the race for you.
There are many channels, ways or roads of prayers that leads to GOD for the same result. Do not limit yourself, your knowledge, and all resources to deliver yourself to reach your redemption, peace, freedom and happiness. Your faith, religion, rituals, denomination, church, pastor or leader will not reveal all and every truth to you in 3 hours in one day a week. The practice, service, worship and praises of GOD in the soul are private and should be done every moment, any hour and everyday and 24/7 of the week. Follow the Holy Names as the word and truth within you and find peace for yourself.     

Prayer for the Love of GOD- to fill my soul.

SPIRIT OF GOD is my prayer.
LORD JEHOVAH is my silent repetition.
HOLY SPIRIT is my spiritual oneness with GOD.
JESUS CHRIST is my quiet meditation. (Fill me with your divine love O LORD.)

Recite these FOUR (4) Great names above 2000 times within you daily. GOD will grant you pure, intimate and affectionate spiritual love from JEHOVAH and He will expel from your soul the love of hatred and materialism, and from your mind the desire for anger, wickedness and worldliness. You will soon be free from all seeming oppressions; GOD will conquer your enemies for you. It will be so. GOD will move and draw you nearer to the SACRED Heart of His own Being. The Holy LOVE of GOD binds us to HIMSELF. For GOD so loved us, so much that HE, JEHOVAH made and gave me and you in HIS own SPIRIT likeness, SPIRIT image, SPIRIT son, SPIRIT name, SPIRIT twin, SPIRIT replica, SPIRIT resemblance and GOD identity of HIMSELF so as to enjoy our life just as and like HIMSELF. What a great love we must and need to claim now and not later from GOD.

Say and invoke each prayer statement 100 times daily.
The SPIRIT is my absolute love. GOD is the love of my soul. The LORD is the absolute love of my body. JEHOVAH is the love of my life. CHRIST is my absolute love. JESUS is the absolute love of my being. Thank you GOD, HOLY SPIRIT and JESUS CHRIST for creating Your SPIRIT-Self and GOD life in me. The LORD JEHOVAH is the supreme love in / of my soul.  

Readings, Counseling, Address and meditations.
Luk.21: 36. - Watch and pray to GOD to avoid trouble and temptation,
Matt.20: 28- SPIRIT, GOD, and CHRIST serves as gift and ransom for my life,
Jn.10: 27-28- My own-GOD’S people- hear, understand and follow my voice,
1Cor.15: 22-24- CHRIST and GOD is our life essence for real,
Act.4: 10-12- By the name of JESUS we are saved and healed,
Mk.8:34-38- Take on GOD and put in SPIRIT in exchange for your soul. Only GOD Is.
Jn.6:22-71- CHRIST, the true bread and SPIRIT- the real food, GOD satisfies the soul within.   
Jn.10: 7-18- SPIRIT is the real life for us from GOD.
James.1: 2-8- GOD gives generously if you are not double minded when you ask.
Matt. 5: 48- Be SPIRIT as GOD is. JESUS is SPIRIT perfect, I am GOD perfected.
Matt.16: 24-28- Loose your body, mind and soul and put on being the power of GOD.
Jn.14: 1-14- Your body, mind and soul is the entrance for GOD. Ask SPIRIT to enter in fully.

Discuss and emphasize while you meditate. The love of SPIRIT begins your real and good life.
I am a Holy SPIRIT ghost. I am a Holy SPIRIT being. I am a Holy SPIRIT kind. The SPIRIT charges up my whole and entire being within in order to function well like HIM. This is why GOD said, we must ask for the Holy SPIRIT of JEHOVAH GOD. GOD Himself operates by the SPIRIT and functions as the SPIRIT! The SPIRIT is the secret power of the life of GOD. SPIRIT living is the true life of good performances. Let us learn the secret of GOD, His supreme love and hidden secret of His Holiness. It is putting in and on the Holy SPIRIT power as our image and true being of His life. SPIRIT is the life that GOD wants us, you and I to live in order to conform with Him as one and His undivided creation. We all share one DNA with the SPIRIT, our creator. GOD knows and we must have this common sense and knowledge of the SPIRIT in us. It is a world, universe and beings of ONE SPIRIT creator, for all creations, of one SPIRIT life, of one SPIRIT in all minds of a universal GOD world.  
Prayer for Spiritual Perfection.

HOLY SPIRIT IS WITHIN MY BRAIN, I am a pure being. (Make me one, clean as YOU O LORD.) Repeat over and over again.

In your soul seclusion, continually recite and say constantly the names of SPIRIT for one hour non stop any time. You will attain respect, dignity, importance and will be honored among your own colleagues and people where ever you are or go. This is the divine order as commanded and established by GOD Himself for you and all people who seek Him. Alas, you will be perfect and complete as your Father-GOD in heaven is perfect. The angels know this very truth for you is irrevocable. You will be clean. You will be pure. You will be righteous an
d you will be holy. Our LORD JEHOVAH is a perfect GOD and complete is our excellent GOD. He is waiting for you to call His Holy, powerful and glorious Name this very moment and today to perfect your mind, clean your soul and purify your body. It is so easy and as simple as that now. HOLY SPIRIT waves will fill your whole body. HE WILL ANSWER!

Affirm and invoke each prayer statement 100 times.
SPIRIT is my perfection. GOD is the perfection in my soul. JEHOVAH is my perfection. CHRIST is the perfection of my life. JESUS is my perfection. The LORD is my perfection. SPIRIT life is the perfect life. Praise GOD I am made perfect in JESUS name.

Readings, Counseling, Sermon and Meditations for the soul.
Rom.8: 16-17- We are sons, associate and co-SPIRIT with GOD,
Zech.9: 9-10- Rejoice, thy King and Salvation comes to you now and soon,
Zech.4: 6- Not by might or power but by “My SPIRIT” says the LORD,
Luk.17: 20-21- Salvation and GOD’S kingdom is not observation but GOD is inside man all the time and always,
Jn.8: 12-20- I am GOD- the light- the power within us- JESUS said.
Jn.11: 25-26- The SPIRIT in us is our life and resurrection- believe in GOD now.
Mk.9: 23- Everything is possible for him who believes in GOD, CHRIST and the SPIRIT.
Act.1: 7-8- The Holy SPIRIT will make you understand when you receive Him.
Matt.6: 6-13- Pray in SPIRIT and in CHRIST, not in many vain words.
Psam.91: 1-16- He who dwells in GOD and lives in SPIRIT is saved and protected.
Isah.30: 15- Repentance, rest, salvation, quietness, trust, and strength are in the LORD GOD.
1Cor.15: 53-58- SPIRIT personality is victory. Death is swallowed up by GOD identity

Discuss and explain in your meditation time.
The content of my soul is concentrated SPIRIT OF GOD and the composition of my body is purely undiluted SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST. My SPIRIT being is Holy. GOD is my past, I am GOD practicing now, and I hold my SPIRIT OF GOD future in my hand now. I have all and everything that GOD of the universe is, within me. No one can take my GOD self and CHRIST personality away from me. It is a/my permanent possessive gift, unless I give this spiritual gift and JESUS security up/away by my own free will, and I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY SPIRITUAL LIFE TO ANY ONE BUT ONLY TO GOD, AMEN. GOD knows me to be Himself more than any other person knows who I AM. GOD is my personal decision, no one can put CHRIST in me or in my mind but by my own mental process and the SPIRIT of CHRIST living and abiding in me is my full psychological work and spiritual responsibility. Take charge of your spiritual life my dear brothers and sisters in CHRIST from now and today. This mental task is a must for you now, today and not later or tomorrow. You are running too late!? better be late than never! BE FREE.

Prayer to Change Bad or Evil Habits to GOD the Good.

SPIRIT OF GOD is my attitude,
LORD JEHOVAH is my mood,
HOLY SPIRIT is my behavior,
JESUS CHRIST is my emotion. My life is transformed now and forever.  

Affirm and say any of the above names in private 500 times daily for 30 days with all of your consciousness and your entire seriousness within you. All of your evil habits will change into good habits within a
short time. It is the will of GOD. Your entire body, mind, soul and total being will be divinely assisted to obey GOD. The spiritual forces of the/your CHRIST nature that permeates all life and all that is in the universe will establish good virtues in you. Your behavior will be totally transformed to bright perfection. This is the work of GOD for your personal salvation and redemption. GOD will happen in your life before you know it if only you call and obey HIM now!.

Repeat below prayer recitations 100 times each when needed daily.
JESUS CHRIST is my righteousness. The LORD is the righteousness in my soul. GOD is my righteousness. JEHOVAH is my righteousness. The SPIRIT is the righteousness of my body. CHRIST is righteous in my body. SPIRIT life is righteous. LORD, change me to your SPIRIT and divine will.

Readings, Counseling, Address and Meditation.
Matt.20: 25-28- JESUS CHRIST and the SPIRIT of GOD are here to serve me/ us.
1Thess.4: 3-8- GOD purifies because He gives Holy SPIRIT abundantly.
Matt.1: 22- The name of JESUS saves us from all sins and fulfil all promises.
Jn.14: 1-31- Prayer and Holy SPIRIT comforts us.
1Cor.2: 10-16- The SPIRIT searches us that we may understand the LORD in us perfectly.
Luk.17: 20-21- The kingdom of GOD is always in me, in you and us now.
Jn.10: 18- I have authority to lay my life down for GOD or take it away from GOD.
Matt.21: 13 Man shall be the house of JEHOVAH and sanctuary of GOD and prayer only.
1Kg.19: 12- The SPIRIT only, knows where to take me, you and us all.
Rom.12: 2-5-Renew your mind in GOD for you are a great and strong member of GOD.
Matt.6: 22-24-The SPIRIT is the lamp of the bod
y, GOD is our precious treasure.
Deut.18: 13–You will be blameless before GOD and in the SPIRIT of the LORD.

Repeat and emphasize these prayerful statements
SPIRIT of GOD, feed into my soul, --------- Recite for 10 minutes daily.
Holy SPIRIT, enter into my body,------------ Repeat for 10 minutes daily.
JESUS CHRIST, abide with me,--------------Affirm for 10 minutes daily.
The LORD JEHOVAH GOD, rest upon me,--Rehearse for 10 minutes daily.
JEHOVAH my GOD, come down to my mind,----Pray for 10 minutes.
The SPIRIT of the LORD is my savior,---Meditate for 10 minutes.
GOD will lead my life to the end,---------Repeat 28 times.
Repeat, The SPIRIT, The SPIRIT of GOD, The Holy SPIRIT of GOD, 100 times.
Meditation time,
Impressing the Holy Names of GOD affirmatively on your mind works and achieves faster results, better than ordinary hours of outward rituals or beating about the bush. Prayer, repetitive affirmations and inner meditation start to work immediately from the soul and work its way to every part of your body shortly. It sparks and fires energy into us. What a great inner spiritual talking, mind speaking GOD and the soul calling the SPIRIT. The presence of the LORD will be with your soul if you practice SPIRIT or JESUS repetition everyday. It is the hidden and secret weapon of all warriors.


Prayer for Victory and Overcoming of all my Enemies within daily.

JESUS CHRIST, (is) or (are) alive forever in me. Show up in my life O GOD.

Anyone who continuously speak and say these perfect names 700 times each for 3 days is safe guarded against all enemies and will soon get freed from his or her enemies. GOD Himself will take quick revenge on your enemies on your behalf. He or she will be relieved of all his or her difficulties and troubles. GOD is available in times of need for His people. Will you call the Supernatural GOD and JESUS CHRIST of your life now and be saved readily by the LORD my dear friend?

Repeat and invoke these prayer statements 100 times daily.
SPIRIT is my victory. GOD is the victory in my soul. JEHOVAH is my victory. The LORD overcomes my enemies. CHRIST overcomes my enemies. JESUS overcomes my problems. Only the SPIRIT overcomes totally. The SPIRIT, make me a winner and a victorious being always.

Reading, Counseling, Messages and Meditation.
Gen.3: 22-24- The tree of life is the SPIRIT of eternity, live GOD as the kingdom,
Jn.14: 25-27- Holy SPIRIT, the counselor and teacher, comes from GOD the Father
Matt.28: 18-20- All authority is in the name of the Father, Son and HOLY SPIRIT is with you always.
Matt.23: 9-12-Your GOD the Father is in heaven (soul), CHRIST-the teacher of the all soul.
Psam.18: 2 GOD is rock, pillar, fortress, deliverer, refuge, shield, horn, salvation and stronghold.
Prov.18: 24- GOD sticks closer to me / you / us as a friend sticks to a friend.
Mk.10: 38-40- You have to find your SPIRIT and GOD self individually as JESUS did find Himself in SPIRIT.
Luk.1: 15- He will be filled with the Holy SPIRIT to be great and strong.
Luk.1:80- You will grow strong in the Holy SPIRIT with repetition of GOD and prayer.
Matt.2: 16-20- GOD will over-run, overc
ome your enemies, guide and protect you.
Job.22: 28-30- Submit to GOD and He will deliver you because of your GOD purity.
Eph.5: 17 – The will of GOD is to live His full SPIRIT life in you.

Repeat and meditate on these Dimensions of CHRIST in me, you and us 7 times daily.
CHRIST permeates my entire being. The SPIRIT of CHRIST is in me. I am CHRIST image. I have CHRIST in my soul. I am a CHRIST man. This is my CHRIST body. Every part of me is CHRIST being. I am a CHRIST generation, a CHRIST life, a CHRIST truth and a CHRIST resurrected life. I pray to CHRIST inside me. CHRIST is within me. CHRIST is silent in me. CHRIST is SPIRIT in me. CHRIST is invisible in me. I approach CHRIST in His nature. I am made CHRIST likeness. I am created in CHRIST image and nature of CHRIST-the SPIRIT of GOD. The master maker of my being put another SPIRIT of HIS own very SPIRIT in me so that I can be saved, peaceful and protected any time, any where, in any situation. I am very grateful to HIM. Thank You JESUS for this spiritual oneness, glory, and truth in me. Lead my soul, mind, and body to thy SPIRIT filled life to do the will of GOD. I praise you LORD that I am already SPIRIT purified in my body and CHRIST sanctified in my soul. Holy SPIRIT, fill and lead me to live, think, speak and behave THE SPIRIT way, in JESUS name, amen

Recite: My LORD and My JEHOVAH, occupy my body hence forth-100 times.
Pray daily: My soul is wide opened to JESUS CHRIST all the time, amen.
The SPIRIT of GOD and my soul are indivisible one SPIRIT eternally, amen.   

Prayer for my soul Guidance and direction of my mind at all times.

SPIRIT OF GOD is my Father,
LORD JEHOVAH is my creator and friend,
JESUS CHRIST is my secret self,
HOLY SPIRIT is my hidden being, I am confident, please Counsel me now.

In order to be granted complete and assured spiritual guidance, call and repeat these beautiful and wonderful names of miracles from your inner most being 400 times daily. You will always receive guidance in your sleep, dream, intuition and impulse or from other instinctive avenues within. The powers will descend from within and from on high upon you. Spiritual forces will be your power resource and you will understand and succeed with supernatural help.

Say these prayer statements below 100 times daily.
The SPIRIT is my guide. GOD is guiding my soul. JEHOVAH is my guide. The LORD is guiding my life. CHRIST is my guide. JESUS is guiding me. The SPIRIT, lead me please.

Readings, Counseling, Sermons and Meditations
Jn.11: 37-43- We are dead but alive in SPIRIT body, SPIRIT soul and as SPIRIT being.
Matt.5: 8- Blessed are the SPIRIT hearted, they will see GOD.
Jn.1: 1-14- SPIRIT or GOD became flesh of JESUS CHRIST and of ALL MANKIND.
Rom.3: 23-25- We are justified by GOD, CHRIST JESUS and by our SPIRIT nature.
Psam.91: 9-12- GOD will save, guide, and protect you.
Heb.6: 11-12- Be diligent in your faith in GOD to ensure your hopes come true.
Isah.51: 10-11- GOD will perform wonders and make you glad.
Psam.119: 165- GOD is the greatest peace of mind.
Isah.41: 10-11- I am your GOD, I am with you.
1Pet.5: 6-7- Humble yourself and GOD will care for you.
Rom.10: 17- Hearing GOD within is your faith in CHRIST leading you, listen, HE will.
Isah.40: 29-31- The LORD will renew your strength.

Repeat and emphasize every sentence 7 times in your meditation.
hin me.
SPIRIT is everything. Everything is SPIRIT.
All is SPIRIT. SPIRIT is all. All came out of GOD.
We are SPIRIT beings. SPIRIT kinds all we are. We are SPIRIT humans.
You are SPIRIT beings. SPIRIT kinds you are. You are SPIRIT humans.
I am a SPIRIT being. SPIRIT human kind I am. He- SPIRIT is me. I am SPIRIT- (Him). GOD is silent within me. SPIRIT is invisible within. GOD is SPIRIT within me. I must worship GOD in silence, pray and praise Him in an invisible way and method too. GOD is my true hidden self. I am a mysterious, wonderful SPIRIT secret exposed as me. My SPIRIT and GOD self is now known to be me in person. Now I see and know well. My CHRIST and JESUS personality is already in the open to be me now. I am FREE. The battle is won and my spiritual war is over. The Holy ONE is risen and alive in me now.