Introduction: The Battle between GOD and man.
Foreword: The composition of my Being revealed,
The SPIRIT and Soul spiritual ONENESS Chemistry.
1.   The all BIG and Almighty GOD.
2.   SPIRIT repetition as a form of meditation.
3.   Feeding your soul.
4.   The power within.
5.   Living JESUS life.
6.   SPIRIT movement in man.
7.   Man as a SPIRIT Being.
8.   GOD thinking for behavior transformation.
9.   Talking and calling CHRIST to Your Self as Your Word, Nature and Name.
10. CHRIST built within us.
11. Putting GOD in your brain, thought and self.
12. I (You) and the Father are ONE.
13. Prayer of Faith in SPIRIT.
14. Prayer for the Light of GOD.
15. Prayer and meditation for spiritual power.
16. Prayer for the Love of GOD from within.
17. Prayer of Divine perfection.
18. Meditation to change bad or evil habits.
19. Divine recitation for victory and overcoming.
20. Prayer for Guidance.
21. Prayer and meditation for spiritual recovery of self.
22. Affirmation prayer for forgiveness of sin.
23. Prayer for peace of mind.
24. Abundant blessing repetition prayer.
25. Health and healing prayer.
26. Prayer for deeper inner spiritual secret revelation.
27. Prayer of protection and security in travel times.
28. Meditative prayer for strength.
29. Prayer to follow CHRIST.
30. Meditation to think GOD always-Contemplation.
30A. SPIRIT thoughts and CHRIST thinking process.
31. Prayer for Holy SPIRIT. Self purification and empowerment
32. Repetition for spiritual Resurrection.
33. Affirmation for spiritual communion-ONENESS.
34. Prayer for Myself.
35. Meditation to be like JESUS.
36. Recitation for GOD’S control.
37. Thanksgiving prayer.
38. Prayer to STOP bad thoughts.
39. Meditation to seek the kingdom of Heaven.
40. Affirmation to do the will of GOD.
41. Special prayer for loved ones.
42. Fast and prayer meditation.
43. Operation feed your soul prayer.
44. Affirmation of Holy Names as the Truth of my being within.
45. Special prayer for soul transfiguration.
46. Special prayer to discover all losses and needs.
47. Prayer for all purposes.
48. How to live long and spend Long quality time with GOD.
49. Prayer for anything in particular or special requests.
50. Prayer of total surrender to GOD.
51. Prayer unto GOD.
52. Urgent and quick prayer.
53. Prayer for true Self to emerge.
54. The power of repetition of Holy Names.
55. Alignment of total Self with divine creator-SPIRIT.
56. I am GOD---spiritual statements.
57. I am CHRIST--- affirmations.
58. I have JESUS image.
59. Advice---Hang in there.
60. Blood Healing prayer.
61. Prayer to kill pain and aches in the body.
62. Attitude and Behavior Affirmations.
64. Steps for daily Soul connection with GOD.
65. SPIRIT culture mobilization of man and mankind.
66. The Truth.
67. Transfiguration statements reminder.
68. Prayer of Sanctity. So help me GOD.
69. I am spelled *S*P*I*R*I*T*, *G*O*D*, *C*H*R*I*S*T*, *J*E*S*U*S*.
Illustrations across the book
THE SPIRIT, GOD, CHRIST and JESUS crosses of my soul and of our being.  
The SPIRIT within me, the SPIRIT in my soul and the SPIRIT enfolding my body.
Who am I and what am I made of? THE SPIRIT
Complete SPIRIT initiation and liberation, Rebuilding and restoring my Being.

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