We are the solution of our own mystical problems.

The Human being has 3 distinct different layers. The first layer is THE BODY. The body is the physical appearance, outer material surface, flesh, skin, inner bones called skeleton, internal and external organs, the material parts that you and I are carrying around with us everyday. The body is and can be a very heavy mass of flesh, meat, bones, blood, fluid and water etc and can be seen, touched and grasped too. Many billions of cells form the body entity. The seen body is carnal, materialistic and worldly by nature. It does not seek for spiritual things and has only physical powers to exercise and demonstrate. The body is moved or directed by the soul and SPIRIT so as to be led or misled. The body responds sensitively to outer impressions, customs, communications or thought changes from the Mind too. The body can also receive messages from the SPIRIT OF GOD that sits quietly inside the soul. The body is the sum total of what the soul is living, thinking, speaking, acting or doing inside. Like soul, like body. The body is the costume over the soul’s activities. The soul is the one acting under the body. The body mimics the soul.

THE SOUL- The Soul, the inner man underneath the body, the second layer, is very mystical, invisible, fluid, non material entity, wind like, silent, cannot be grasped, light, cosmic, ethereal in composition, able to travel anywhere or leave the body at will, helps and holds the body to live, move, think, speak, act and stand, lies inside under the body mass. This strange, unknown, individualized, secretive soul living under the body like a puzzle is highly sensitive to holy, good or bad thoughts, words, actions, messages, and can easily establish GOD, SPIRIT, or evil life style at will, slowly, or quickly. The soul through the Mind can send messages of his attitude, feelings, emotions, moods, actions, behavior within and communicates it to the body to accept, relay and expresses it without delay. The soul can lead or mislead the body. The soul feeds the body from within and without as the go-between GOD and Satan or the go-between the body and SPIRIT. The soul tells the body what to do as the commander of the body. The body must obey the soul’s dictates with some or no complaints. This ever living being inside us, can choose, decide, change, control, establish, express, obey and do anything by force. The Mind, as the driver, exercises great authority and power over our soul’s life. The mind instructs, directs and controls the soul to guide our body, life and actions. The soul can spell success or doom in us from the mind center if the mind is not properly controlled, bridled and checked in his dictates to the soul and body. All of soul's actions hunts him forever.

THE SPIRIT is the Supreme owner, omni-present, and commander of the Universe. The SPIRIT is the Father, creator, and LORD of both soul and body. The soul is the image of the SPIRIT and the body is the likeness of GOD. The SPIRIT is the third inner most layer of our being, HE is invisible, silent, permeates all, fluid, non material, wind like, ethereal, cosmic, light, cannot be grasped, powerful, unstoppable by anything, forceful, loving, good, holy, kind, can perform miracles and wonders at will in the life of all His creations. The SPIRIT sits gloriously, majestically and silently at the center of the soul-His throne, always waiting and ready to come in and save both body and the soul. The real, true life and divine names of the soul and body is SPIRIT and GOD-their beginning, chemistry, engineering and eternal make up. It is the designated duty of the soul to transmit signals, relay sensations to the body of what he receives, feels and accepts. It is the choice, duty and decision of the soul to consciously, deliberately and aggressively get in touch with the SPIRIT or GOD inside the soul. As soon as the soul receives the life of GOD within, the soul transmits to the sensitive body to express the soul’s resolve in the body entity. The life of GOD in the soul becomes the SPIRIT life of GOD in the body and the three layers become ONE life of GOD altogether. A new man is born here, today and forever from the inner most SPIRIT within! The SPIRIT is the MAN and the Man is the SPIRIT in Truth, living as us. I am a SPIRIT being, you are a SPIRIT being and we are all SPIRIT beings. Recite and call your SPIRIT self to yourself repeatedly and very many times everyday my dear brothers and sisters and we are SPIRIT born as GOD again. Be SPIRIT. Be Free! Remain SPIRIT always. GOD IS SPIRIT. I am like HIM forever!