Man and the SPIRIT Life
I am SPIRIT- because GOD is SPIRIT- settles all spiritual conflicts
SPIRIT must prevail and SPIRIT must govern my being
And the battle is over because every part of me is SPIRIT.

Man and GOD differences
I am GOD and ONE with GOD, says Man
GOD must prevail and GOD must rule my life and preside in my mind
And the war is settled because I know who I am.

Man and the CHRIST Life battle
I am a CHRIST of GOD- the Man proclaimed
CHRIST must prevail over and CHRIST must command my soul, he said
And the war was concluded immediately by my CHRIST eternal self in me.

JESUS and the physical Man at war
I am JESUS in SPIRIT, the Man surrendered and shouted
JESUS must increase, take authority, power, and dominate my body entity,
The man agreed because JESUS is SPIRIT revealed in me as me
Peace unto Man hence forth, the war stopped and ended.

I fought the greatest of all battles
I glory in GOD and honor JESUS alone
And I conquered and prevailed decisively and gallantly too
What a great celebration of peace and joy in my soul.
This is the VICTORY and all winnings of all times. My battle is over!

And the GOD-man turned preacher within said
Recreate yourself back to SPIRIT.
Be reborn again as GOD alike.
Be renewed to CHRIST nature.
Transfigure to JESUS life.
Change to SPIRIT, transform to GOD, emerge as CHRIST and translate to JESUS
Let the King of glory come forth into the open as you
GOD and GOD only IS the visible GODMAN within and SPIRITMAN in us.
This is the battle of all battles in truth,
That must be fought compulsorily within and won with VICTORY, Amen!

The SPIRIT-man preacher continued inside his SOUL,
I am a SPIRIT being
I live SPIRIT life now.
I think SPIRIT in my brain.

My name is SPIRIT.
I speak SPIRIT words, in SPIRIT voices and SPIRIT language.
I have SPIRIT nature.
I behave SPIRIT, because, GOD is SPIRIT in me.
SPIRIT is my Father,
I am ONE with The SPIRIT in my soul.
I am SPIRIT born as SPIRIT-son and heir to SPIRIT.
I am SPIRIT by birth, SPIRIT by royalty and SPIRIT by quality
SPIRIT is GOD’S form in me. SPIRIT is my essence and I live in the realm of the SPIRIT now. My form is SPIRIT, SPIRIT I am. I let SPIRIT be SPIRIT in me.
Recite and contemplate this truth 3 times daily.

The GOD-man changed to good-man loudly proclaimed and declared,
I am GOD.
I am a GOD being.
I live GOD now.
I think GOD within me.
My Father’s name is GOD. My name is GOD.
I speak GOD words in GOD voices and GOD languages.
My nature is GOD. I behave GOD because GOD is my quality, GOD is my fine self,
GOD is my beginning, GOD is my now and GOD is my end future
I am GOD’S son and functions as GOD, as my GOD creator and GOD Father
I am one with GOD, for GOD is my substance. I am made of GOD materials
GOD is my formation, GOD is my existence, because I am made of GOD substance.
My form, content and composition are GOD. I am GOD because GOD is GOD in me, GOD through me, GOD across me and GOD around me. I am GOD perfectly and of SPIRIT essence.
Repeat and meditate this truth 3 times daily.

You are SPIRIT, concluded the preacher. We are GODS inside The Almighty GOD, the preacher ended. SPIRIT substance is your creation and GOD formation in you is the beginning and the end of all there is in YOU. Do not separate, do not run away from your true GOD self, nor divorce your CHRIST Self abiding inside you. Here lies your freedom, honour, security and dignity. Stay with YOUR true spiritual SELF, stay tuned to SPIRIT and stay ONE with GOD who is living with you all the time. GOD is never angry nor SPIRIT mad with you for going by His HOLY NAMES or living His life. SPIRIT and GOD are free LIVES and happy NAMES to have and LIVE. These are the peak and height of your SPIRIT creation and creative spiritual development. It is like GOD is saying, I AM looking for people who will let ME be SPIRIT in their life. I love you so much that MY LIFE, SPIRIT and NAME in YOU are indivisible ONE forever. We are families of the same specie, breed and brand. Be my GOD SELF and your GOD self in you and ME! SPIRIT, GOD, CHRIST AND JESUS image of your Beings is your ONE LIFE together with ME and one with the universe. We are ONE and we will always and forever be and remain ONE. Don’t fight with ME. THE FATHER AND I ARE ONE! No difference in composition, nature and make up with ME GOD. You will return to me as a SPIRIT beings. Live the SPIRIT being that you will live forever in the kingdom of the SPIRIT- OF GOD from now on. It is a task that I AM asking of YOU to accomplish and complete in ME and in you now, before you die, not later!