In Chemistry, the mixture, dilution of two solutions or more substances produces another compound or product. If a component is stronger than the other, the less substance loses significance and potency. The stronger chemical or solution becomes crystal, dominant and powerful over the weaker solution. The SPIRIT of GOD is power, overwhelming and consuming. When the SPIRIT OF GOD contacts, dilutes, interacts, bonds or mixes with the soul, they become ONE. As the soul reinforces upon his mind, the SPIRIT life or the CHRIST dimension on his mind through SPIRIT repetition, SPIRIT meditation, JESUS thinking, or constant CHRIST prayer, the SPIRIT element or CHRIST power increases, prevails and takes full control of the soul. The soul will invariably turn to SPIRIT life, change to CHRIST being completely and dissolves itself in the gradual process of spiritual reaction that is happening or the SPIRIT and soul fusion that is taking position or that has taken full place inside the human being or soul.

The Soul finds itself in the SPIRIT or CHRIST power taking over fully by force. This is the soul’s true spiritual transfiguration, divine composition, true healing state, according to GOD’S original creative plan of salvation for the soul, the mind and the body to become ONE with the SPIRIT- their roots status from the beginning of creation. Total and conscious change to SPIRIT or to CHRIST power is the transfiguration and complete transformation now taking place in the SPIRIT and soul union or re-union. The amount of the SPIRIT of GOD repetition in the soul equals and determines the amount of SPIRIT strong-hold perfection the soul will demonstrate from day to day within when or because the SPIRIT is in place. The soul will eventually come to say, I am a SPIRIT being or I am a CHRIST being- the vivid state of realization of his true self through the reinforcement of the SPIRIT presence and SPIRIT power within. The SPIRIT of GOD and the CHRIST mind have super imposed themselves strongly, firmly overwhelmingly and consumed the weaker soul by overcoming it forcefully with the SPIRIT and the CHRIST repetitive affirmation. The soul is now living a new life of GOD dominated by the affirmative SPIRIT possession and CHRIST control recitation encounter.

The soul now sees self as the CHRIST of GOD within and without. The SPIRIT and CHRIST holy substance that has taken over the soul fully from the higher powers above is a shock to the soul. The SPIRIT and the CHRIST minds have strongly imposed themselves upon the soul, the original handiwork of GOD that came out of GOD and belongs to GOD Himself from the beginning of creation. What choice does the soul have before the SPIRIT, his creator and source than to blend with his parent- the SPIRIT- his eternal replica, composition, substance, race, gift, salvation and free grace of GOD, working and happening secretly inside and under the Soul.

The soul must go back to SPIRIT- his home. The soul must be SPIRIT born again- the new CHRIST birth that JESUS CHRIST is talking about. We must be born another SPIRIT, another GOD, another CHRIST and another JESUS again just like the SPIRIT is the new series, new brand, recent specification and the latest origin and product of our innermost being. The SPIRIT is the image and likeness we all are, made of, made from and must go back to live. These are the standard and race set up for us to meet and run, as meaning and purpose of GOD for mankind. It is all one SPIRIT, GOD, CHRIST, JESUS and Soul reunion in one family origin and one holy relationship with SPIRIT government. When the SPIRIT is supreme over the Soul and GOD perfectly controls the center of the Soul, the Soul created by GOD Himself is subjected unto the Holy SPIRIT alone. The Soul has no other choice or duty than to submit, surrender and change to the SPIRIT, the original creation, life, nature, lead, status, name, state, blend and truth of the soul. The wellness of the Soul is in living a SPIRIT life of GOD. It is a supernatural must and an eternal command!